Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Sensational

Cameras were flashing everywhere as Zen pulled me into his arms for a kiss. Even though it wasn’t our first, my heart still fluttered wildly in my chest as his soft lifts met mine. He tasted a little like cigarettes, but underneath that taste was a clean and crisp flavor – like a breath of fresh air as he stole my breath with his sweet lips. Zen broke away with a smile and a wink. “Let Jumin try and say that wasn’t sensational.”


*YoosungxMC Good Ending Continued* *JaeheexMC Good Ending Continued*

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Cameras were flashing everywhere as Zen pulled me into his arms for a kiss. Even though it wasn’t our first, my heart still fluttered wildly in my chest as his soft lifts met mine. He tasted a little like cigarettes, but underneath that taste was a clean and crisp flavor – like a breath of fresh air as he stole my breath with his sweet lips. Zen broke away with a smile and a wink. “Let Jumin try and say that wasn’t sensational.”

Jaehee appeared behind Zen and began to usher us off the the platform and backstage. “It’s time to officially start the party, you two.” She seemed to have a rather worried look on her face. “I am not sure how the fan club will take the news of your relationship, Zen, but it is not my business. I just hope for your sake that they take it well.”

“Thank you for your concern, Jaehee.” I looked up at my handsome boyfriend, too handsome for his own good, and he smiled down at me. “But I think Zen is choosing his own path.”

“Any of my fans who don’t approve of me being with the woman I love don’t see me for my talent anyway.” Zen had come to that conclusion on his own, even though I had been thinking it for days. “My cutie and I belong together.” That had my heart jumping in my chest, even though he’d told me so before. “I will become a famous musical actor with her by my side.”

“Oh Zenny!” I wrapped my arms around him tightly only to hear Jumin’s voice interrupting. “Could you keep the PDA to a minimum. It is highly unnecessary to show off this way when you aren’t in front of the cameras.”

Zen rolled his eyes, those beautiful ruby eyes, before he responded. “It’s not just about doing it for the cameras, Jumin. Although…MC,” My albino knight looked at me with concern in his eyes and blush on his face, “If you aren’t careful my…”

“Beast might unleash?” That was Yoosung’s voice. “What does that even really mean? I mean, I know what it means, but…” Yoosung’s voice trailed off as Seven pulled on his pants from below on the floor. I hadn’t noticed the redhead earlier, but here he was backstage surrounded by several computers and what seemed to me to be hundreds of cords.

“I can tell you later.” Seven’s face split into a huge grin before his computer started beeping at him and he went back to typing with one hand on either computer. Yoosung pouted. “You’re just going to tease me.”

Jumin frowned and fixed his cuff links. “I think that’s enough socializing backstage. Zen, I would recommend that you and MC go dance and mingle with the guests. The more networking you do here, the more well-known you will become. It will also help the bottom line for the cat-food line.” He was business like as ever.

Zen wrapped an arm around my shoulders before leading me past Jumin and away from backstage. “Yeah, yeah, always worrying about the bottom line.” He sniffed, but there was definitely a smile behind his grumbling. However, he completely ignored Seven as he walked past, probably still angry with him about the whole security breach that had happened in the first place.

When we reached the dance floor, I was surprised to find that all eyes were on us. Zen leaned to whisper in my ear, sending a small shiver of heat through me. “I’m sorry, babe, but I think you’re going to have to get used to the stares.” He gave me the sweetest of smiles, and I couldn’t help but to melt on the spot. “As long as I’m with my Zenny, everything will be fine.”

Zen smiled even wider at that and took my hand, placing his other hand on my waist to dance with me as the music started. “My cutie really knows how to make me melt.”

“Funny, I was going to say the same thing.” Being with Zen like this was a dream come true. I had already met him before the party, we had even slept in the same bed the night before, much to Zen’s struggle, but the more time I spent with him, the deeper I fell in love. He was an excellent dancer, and I knew so very little, but he led me easily through the steps, helping me to move as though I had been ballroom dancing my whole life. “You’re so amazing, babe!” Zen praised me even as he twirled me under his arm.

The reporters had been sent home following the press conference, but there were still a few of the guests snapping photos with their phones. It really would take some adjusting to have such a handsome boyfriend, and one growing so quickly in popularity that this would probably be a daily part of life. By the time the night was over, we still hadn’t seen V, even after the auction of his photographs.

Zen seemed on edge as the party came to an end and we started to clean up. “V…How could he just leave like that without saying anything? He said he would be here. Seven said he came with him. I need a cigarette.”

I took his hand gently, holding it close to my heart, a blush forming on my cheeks at the intimate action. “Please, Zen…I’m sure he has his reasons. And…you know I don’t like it when you smoke. It’s no good for your health or your skin.”

His face softened almost instantly even as blush flooded his own face. He spread his fingers over my chest gently. “I’m glad this dress isn’t lower cut, but you’re still tempting the beast inside of me, MC.” A small flicker of flame passed over his eyes. Had that just been my imagination. It made me feel a little weak in the knees.

“And…what if I wanted to let the beast out?” My question had that flicker of flame appearing again, except this time it didn’t go away. Zen bent his lips to mine, stealing a slow kiss, and yet I felt the hunger behind it as he once more stole my breath before he whispered against my lips. “I won’t do that to you here…I want this to be special for you.” My legs felt like jelly for the rest of the time it took to clean up the party space.

Thankfully, by now all of the reporters and fans/haters had left. It had been several hours since the end of the party and we were on our way home in a limo courtesy of Jumin. Zen kept stealing glances at my legs, my dress having ridden up a little as I took my seat. He shuffled uncomfortably away from me, and I nibbled at my lip.

The previous night we had been snuggled up in bed with I first saw the hint of flames in his eyes. He had told me not to worry, that he would control the beast until I was ready, but…maybe I was ready already, and it seemed to be getting more difficult for him as I saw the flickers of flame more often. My mind wandered until I was a blushing mess of my own.

It seemed like eternity before we arrived at Zen’s house. We’d decided that I would be staying with him until I was comfortable enough to stay on my own again or the attempted kidnapper issue had been completely resolved.

Zen was a perfect gentleman, coming around to open the door for me and helping me into the house as my heels had by now become incredibly uncomfortable. I leaned my hand against the wall to remove first one and then the other, only to turn around to see Zen’s eyes were flickering with that heated flame again.

“MC…” He seemed to be fighting some sort of inner struggle between keeping his gentlemanly charm, and setting himself loose. My body felt like it was heating up under his gaze. In a moment he was kissing me, pulling me close, his hand on the small of my back.

I melted into him instantly, wrapping my arms around him, my fingers finding the rat-tail of beautiful silver hair and clenching it in my fist only to have my boyfriend growl out a low warning. “Please…MC…I want you to be ready…If you don’t stop, I might not be able to help myself.”

His eyes were the same kind eyes even behind the flaming heated look he was giving me. That’s what made me sure. Zen loved me, and even as his beast he would love me. “I trust you, Zen…I’m ready.” My voice was a soft whisper, and he responded almost immediately, sweeping me up into his arms and taking me into the bedroom.

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Zen was pressing soft kisses to my forehead as he got out his phone, snapping a quick selfie with me in his arms. “I’m keeping this one for myself.”

I just giggled and burrowed into his chest further. “I would hope so.” We each got on our phones now, snuggled up as we looked at the recent news. “You’re trending on tripter, Zen!” I rifled through the tags to see almost everything was completely positive, except for some embarrassed posts from Echo Girl, although it looked like one of her managers had taken over the account to minimize the damage of the truth of her accusations coming out.

My boyfriend’s hand stilled in my hair and I shifted to look up at him. “What’s wrong, Zenny?” His face had gotten suddenly serious and I noticed him sending something over the messenger. “What is it?” My blood was starting to run cold.

Zen noticed my discomfort and pulled me closer, pressing another kiss to my forehead. “You’re trending in my fan club, but not all of it is good.” He clenched his jaw and rolled onto his back to rub his temple. “Apparently, you have a hate club now.”

My heart fell into my stomach. We had talked last night; we had expected some negativity from some of his less devoted fans and some of his more crazily devoted fans, but a hate club? I started to shake, dropping my phone as tears burned at my eyes. Zen noticed instantly and pulled my head into the crook of his neck. “Don’t worry, darling…Just promise me you won’t read the posts. It’ll die down in a few days, and I’m here for you.”

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