Feature Friday #3

It’s Feature Friday again, where I show you things I find awesome or that have been submitted as awesome.


It’s Feature Friday again, where I show you things I find awesome or that have been submitted as awesome.

Lately…I may have developed an addiction. Try not to be too afraid, it’s nothing harmful. I usually listen to music when I write, but lately I found myself zoning out to the following MMD’s and just…watching them for hours. Thankfully, I still manage to write, but, I just totally became addicted, in particular to the two following videos.

This first video is by youtuber Cecil ‘Eggs’ Westyard and can be found le here.

Seven leads Zen and Jumin in a dance to the song “Danger” by BTS, almost flash mob style. The music and dance combined, as well as the fantastic models just had me watching this video at least two hours in a row, and no, I’m not kidding…It’s probably more by now. Cecil, btw, has plenty of other Mystic Messenger MMD’s to enjoy, so make sure you head over there and give some likes and subscribes if you love MMD’s as much as I do.

This second video is by Ameri Lie to the song “All Hands on Deck” by Tinashe MC leads Jumin and Zen in a trio dance number on top of a building and hoo boy. That’s some hot stuff. Wink’s from Jumin, and some nice body pans all around. Find that le here.

Ameri has other awesome dance MMD’s as well as vine compilations she’s named “We are RFA” which are absolutely hilarious. Make sure you send her some love, subscribes, and likes as well!

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Feature Friday #2

As soon as she arrived at the location of the last party, she saw him. He had been there waiting for her…for all this time. She ran towards him, wrapping her arms around his thick girth.

***Comedy One-Shot Backstory***

Friday is our only irregular posts day. Posts made on any other day follow the current Work In Progress Storyline.

Today I am featuring Chaotic Blossoms of deviantart. We are roleplay members (I play MC, she plays Yoosung) of an MM server on the app Discord (download it from the appstore and join us with this link.) We chat, roleplay, share art, brainstorm, all that good stuff. Feel free to join us for fun chatting, watching roleplay, or even participating. We’d love to have you.

So, a little background for this comedy piece. We recently started hosting MM themed Cards Against Humanity games. The black card asked which route MC should do next, and I played the card Tree Trunk. And then we made it into a meme.


It got better and better, because we are weirdos, so I made these edits.


And Chaotic Blossoms made this.


SO, that’s the backstory.

***Comedy One-Shot Begins Here***

He didn’t have arms. He was rough to the touch. It didn’t matter to her. She wrapped her arms around him tightly. “Oh Tree Trunk…I’m so glad I met you through the RFA.”

He didn’t say anything. She loved that about him. He was so understanding and kind. Ever since she’d seen Tree Trunk outside of the RFA party hall, she knew she had wanted to be with him. The way he didn’t tell her to eat her meals over and over, call her at 3 a.m. after telling her to go to bed, and all of that was wonderful.

She sat up suddenly in bed, her phone startling her from her dream. The 3 a.m. chatroom…right on schedule. She groaned and opened the RFA chat.


She ran to her car, leaving everything else behind. She had to get to Tree Trunk. She needed him.

As soon as she arrived at the location of the last party, she saw him. He had been there waiting for her…for all this time. She ran towards him, wrapping her arms around his thick girth.

“Oh, Tree Trunk! I missed you so much.”

Her kisses gave her splinters, but she didn’t care. She was finally at peace with her one true love.


When Jumin and the others arrived at the last party location, MC was practically having a dinner date with the Tree Trunk. She had brought candles and small plates of dirt/manure. It smelled foul.

“We broke her…” Yoosung was already crying.

“My poor, dear friend…I was only just beginning to understand my feelings.” Jaehee had to remove her glass to wipe her eyes with a handkerchief.

Zen couldn’t even look at her…it was too much for him.

“We can’t just…abandoned her…I…never even told her the truth…Why did I always push her away.”

“It’s all my fault for bringing her into the RFA.” V shook his head at himself, wishing he could turn back time. “But, I’m glad you called me…She will need care.”

“I will have her sent to the best mental facility money can buy.” Jumin announced, and Zen didn’t even have the energy to argue about money not being able to fix everything.

She screamed as they tried to tear her away from Tree Trunk. She refused to eat at the hospital, “Not unless you bring me Tree Trunk.”

Jumin had Tree Trunk removed from the former RFA party location and moved into the garden at the mental institution.

MC would never recover from her relationship with Tree Trunk. But she was happy, so what’s the harm.

-True End Complete-


Man what a crazy one…I hope you enjoyed this Feature Friday. I really just wanted to share a fun story with you all. I hope you come hang out with us on the discord server soon!

Also, please feel free to join any of our Cards Against Humanity MM themed games in the future. (We post links in the Mystic Messenger Games Facebook Group and on the Discord server.) You might end up witnessing one of these gems.


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