Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | YoosungxSeven | Limits

Saeyoung attempted to wrap his arm around him as he too got in the bed, but Yoosung pushed his hand away. “No, you go finish lunch and think about what you did.” Guess he’d found his husband’s limit.


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Yoosung hummed happily as he peeled the carrots. His husband was sleeping peacefully in the other room. He’d worked all night on some new robot of sorts, so he was sleeping in. That was pretty normal at this point. Later, Yoosung would head off for an evening class, and then the blond would come home to see his husband working on the robot again. They’d have dinner, Yoosung would head to bed, and Saeyoung would join him later. That often woke him and led to…other things. Even though he’d been sexually active for a while, the thought of it still brought a blush to Yoosung’s face.

Saeyoung smacked and grabbed onto the blond’s ass, hearing him let out a yelp and the knife clatter onto the cutting board. He’d woken up just a few minutes ago, unable to fall asleep again. “Saeyoung!” Yoosung turned his head now, and Saeyoung just wrapped his arms around him, pressing up close. “That’s me.”

The blond grumbled, picking up the knife again. “I could have cut myself. Please be more careful.” Despite being frustrated by the display of behind grabbing, Yoosung was also a good deal flustered, his face practically bright pink. He doubted that he’d ever be able to avoid blushing like that when it came to Saeyoung. “Why are you up? Did you get hungry?” It wasn’t the usual schedule for Saeyoung to be awake, but at least it meant they could have lunch together. That would be nice.

With a pout, Saeyoung nuzzled into the blond’s shoulder, giving him a little nip and feeling his husband tense, causing himself to smirk a little. “Not exactly…” He gave Yoosung a harsh bite this time, making the blond cry out and once more drop the knife. “Saeyoung, seriously, I could have hurt myself.” Now Yoosung turned around, pushing Saeyoung away from him with his cheeks puffed out angrily. It was a little like looking at an angry duckling. “You know you like it.” He quipped back at the angry blond who just seemed to get angrier.

“Well…yes, but not cutting myself!” Yoosung couldn’t help but to falter his words just a little. Saeyoung certainly knew what he liked as far as pain went, but that didn’t make it any less awkward to admit aloud in the middle of meal prep. The look on his husband’s face changed a little as Saeyoung stepped closer to him, hands finding the back of Yoosung’s apron and undoing the little bow. “Of course not. Then again, I don’t know when the pain is too much.” Yoosung gulped, feeling his Adam’s apple jumping in his throat and his mouth going dry as Saeyoung’s eyes seemed to glow as he spoke. “Would you like to find out?”

The idea had come to him as a spur of the moment thought, but that was how most of Saeyoung’s ideas came to him. Yoosung seemed to be responding to it. “What about lunch?” His husband’s voice had gone a little soft and squeaky, but Saeyoung just pulled the apron over the blond’s head. “Wouldn’t you rather do this?” The blond seemed to ponder it for a moment before he nodded his head. “Just…uh…what exactly are we going to do?”

It was just slightly comical, and Saeyoung almost answered simply ‘sex,’ but decided against it, because Yoosung did have a valid point. “I want to tie your hands to the bar in Mary’s old room and hurt you until you can’t take it anymore.” He made a point of pressing his leg between Yoosung’s, only so he could feel the way his husband seemed to harden at the idea of being hurt by him. “What do you think?”

Yoosung’s mouth had definitely gone completely dry. He wasn’t some little boy or anything, but that was an overly exciting proposition, and it made talking difficult. After a second or two, he was able to finally respond, once more faltering a little over the words. “That…sounds perfect.” Eager was a good word for how he was feeling. Yoosung certainly wasn’t afraid, and as his husband took his hand to lead him to the room, Yoosung pulled back on it, grabbing onto the front of Saeyoung’s shirt and kissing him hard.

Their tongues were dancing around each other within moments, but Saeyoung was quickly impatient, wanting to get to the real fun. His hand ended up in Yoosung’s hair, pulling on the golden locks to break their kiss. They were each good and flushed now, Yoosung’s large eyes darkened so that it almost felt like he could fall into them and stay there forever. He loved that about him, the way his eyes changed with his expressions, and this particular expression was needy and wanting.

“Come on, then.” Saeyoung successfully managed to pull Yoosung along this time, and almost as soon as they were in the now guest room that used to be Vanderwood’s room, he commanded his husband to remove his shirt, which Yoosung did willingly. He issued a request of his own, coming out a little whiny. “You too.” Saeyoung smirked, pulling off his black tang top slowly as he made eye contact with the blond. “So, you want me shirtless as I torture you?” The blond just nodded, and Saeyoung couldn’t help but to kiss him again, this time keeping a hold on the other’s jaw so that he could pull away quickly. “Be right back, Kitten.”

Yoosung waited impatiently as Saeyoung slipped back into their bedroom, likely getting whatever items he wanted to use from the box in his closet. The blond shifted on his feet, his boxer shorts already with a little stain on them from his excitement. Saeyoung returned in just a minute, carrying his entire box, which made Yoosung’s eyes widen a little. The redhead pulled a long black fabric rope from the box first, scooting up a chair before putting the rope over the exercise bar which was hanging from the ceiling and then tying each end to Yoosung’s wrists. “Good?” As always with these things, Saeyoung gave Yoosung a moment to test the bindings to make sure he was comfortable.

At his husband’s quick and eager nod, Saeyoung hopped off the chair and went to grab something else from the box, putting the little riding crop in his mouth. He wiggled an eyebrow at the blond only to see him pull against the rope, looking as though he was pleading without actually doing so. Saeyoung took his time as he ran his hands along Yoosung’s chest and down over his sides, grabbing onto his boxers and slowly pulling them down, his already hard length being released from what had become a cloth prison.

The blond shifted on his feet again before Saeyoung smacked the back of his thigh, making him cry out and buck his hips forward, followed by a whimper. Saeyoung pulled the riding crop from his mouth, sliding it up his husband’s leg as he stood. “What’s the safe word, Kitten?” It was always good to check before they really got started, and particularly today, considering. Yoosung had to actually think about it, which was probably exactly why Saeyoung was making him say it. “Windowdex.”

A quick thwack to the side had Yoosung crying out again. “Good boy. Now, stand still, or I’ll have to hit you harder.” Well, he was going to hit him harder either way. It wasn’t so much about hurting Yoosung as it was about the way Yoosung reacted to being hurt, the whimpers and sounds. The consensual nature of the pain made it all the more erotic. Another few whacks to Yoosung’s sides, then his chest, down his back, and now Yoosung had his head arched, making a soft noise between his breaths.

He felt hard beyond belief. Every time Saeyoung would hit him, Yoosung’s entire body tensed, making a shock of pleasure go through him in kind. Saeyoung looked to be equally hard, but he was patient with his own pleasure, even leaving his boxers on. No matter how painfully hard he was, the process was more important. Relentlessly, he hit the same place on Yoosung’s lower back in quick succession. The only thing this achieved was Yoosung’s crying his name and fighting against the rope.

It felt like he was going to go insane. His hardness was so pained that he wasn’t sure if it was just going to explode or not. “Saeyoung…something…please…” He just needed some sort of attention there, some sort of relief. The redhead smirked, walking back to his box. “Something? How about a couple things?” Reaching in, he pulled out one of their favorite items, a butt-plug tail which matched Yoosung’s hair and he also grabbed a vibrating cock ring, setting it on the low setting as he made his way over to his husband. “These?” Yoosung couldn’t speak, just nodding so quickly that Saeyoung was worried for a moment that the smaller male had become a bobble head.

He placed the cock ring on first, ghosting his fingers over the underside of his husband’s beyond-hard arousal. The whimpers were ever present at this point, like music to his ears. Saeyoung moved around to place the butt plug next, having placed a little bottle of lube in the pocket of his boxer shorts and now putting some on the item before bending to place it. He waited for a while, holding it against Yoosung’s entrance but not doing anything else until he heard the blond begging for it. “I need it…Please, I need it.” That was good enough for him, and he pushed it into place, savoring the way that Yoosung whined.

Once more he went to retrieve the riding crop. “You’re doing a good job.” He dragged the tip of it up Yoosung’s chest and neck, stopping it under his chin. Yoosung’s mouth was lax and open as he panted softly. There was even a little drool down the corner of his mouth. The blond knew he looked a little ridiculous, but he didn’t care. This felt so good. Although the cock ring and plug he’d wanted so badly had initially provided some relief, now they were torture, too, as they started to build their own sensations for him.

Saeyoung realized that he was going to have to go a lot harder if he really wanted to hear Yoosung cry wolf, or Windowdex, as it were. He started a barrage of smacks with the crop on Yoosung’s sides, his ass, his legs, his back. At this point, the only place untouched was his arms, but now he went after those, too. Yoosung bore it all, crying out through grit teeth. After about five minutes of this, though, it was starting to become unbearable. A, “Stop,” escaped him, but it didn’t take long for his pleasure-hazed mind to realize that Saeyoung wasn’t meant to listen to that word. It was a few more hits before he could remember the proper word. “Windowdex…Windowdex, Windowdex, Windowdex.”

Even though the redhead had stopped immediately upon hearing the safety word, Yoosung had continued crying it out, his voice weak. The redhead dropped the crop to the floor, grabbing the sides of his husband’s face and forcing the blond to look at him. “It’s okay, Yoosung. I stopped, it’s okay.” His husband was panting so hard that he could barely speak, and Saeyoung carefully undid the knots on Yoosung’s wrists, holding him and leading him over to the bed before he pulled out the plug, leaving the vibrating ring in place.

As the plug was removed from his body, Yoosung squirmed on the bed, feeling like he was going to finish but knowing that he wasn’t. It was too much, and he needed the release. “You still want to finish?” The question his husband asked was met with a barrage of whimpers before the blond could mutter out a, “Yes, God, yes.” Saeyoung nuzzled into Yoosung’s neck, wrapping his fingers around the blond’s near-throbbing hardness and beginning to pump him in quick succession. The time for teasing was done. Yoosung was definitely at his limit.

With as turned on as he was, Yoosung felt the heat in his abdomen already on that verge, and it took just a moment before he was gripping onto the blankets below him arching back as he came, the evidence of his orgasm falling on him and coating Saeyoung’s hand. The redhead stopped as Yoosung whipped his head back and forth, eyes pressed tightly closed. He removed his hand, licking off what had gotten on him. Saeyoung had long ago gotten used to the taste of his husband, but that didn’t mean he enjoyed it any less. Now he had his own problem to take care of, though.

He flopped onto his back next to Yoosung, his boxers coming off quickly and tossed away haphazardly. As he rubbed at himself with one hand, letting out a groan at the relief, his fingers stroked through the soft blond locks of his husband’s hair. Yoosung was having a hard time keeping his eyes open, but he turned his head toward Saeyoung’s touch, opening those deep violet eyes to meet the yellow glow. It took him a second to really process through the haze what Saeyoung was doing before the redhead closed his eyes and leaned his own head back into the pillows.

“No.” Yoosung pushed himself up, grabbing Saeyoung’s hand and stopping his motion. Saeyoung groaned in frustration before he looked at his husband. “What? You had to wait, so I do, too?” He honestly didn’t mind that idea, a smirk already making its way onto his face, but Yoosung just pushed his husband’s hand away as he shook his blond head. “No…I just want to take care of you.” Not a moment later, Yoosung’s mouth was on him, and Saeyoung couldn’t help the long moan that escaped him, pushing his hand into the blond’s hair and bunching his fingers in the golden locks.

Saeyoung was far more verbal than his husband, speaking to him in hushed and drawn out tones. “So good, that feels so good, babe.” His hand would always tighten in the blond’s hair when he did something that felt particularly good, and Yoosung knew that, taking advantage of his knowledge until Saeyoung was nearly yanking on him. “God, yes, yes, I’m close…I’m close.” Yoosung only doubled his efforts until Saeyoung called out his name, cumming into his husband’s mouth. The blond did his best to get everything, licking up what he hadn’t managed to catch, which caused Saeyoung to tremble as he let up his grip on Yoosung’s hair.

They were each a panting mess, curling up with each other for a few minutes before they could catch their breath. Yoosung nuzzled Saeyoung’s nose, and the redhead moved to give the blond a quick peck before he sat up, running his hands lovingly over the blond’s body. The blond closed his eyes, ready for the slow massage he knew was coming. There were little bruised spots that hurt ever so slightly as Saeyoung rubbed over them, but Yoosung didn’t mind. The kisses were next, a kiss for every mark left on him. If it weren’t for how exhausted they both were after a session like that, it likely would have turned them on again, this slow and gentle appreciation of Yoosung’s body.

“You know I love you, Yoosung?” All the blond managed to get out at first was a soft, “Hmm,” as Saeyoung rubbed his shoulder blades, getting out any knots that the position he’d been tied in had caused. The question processed a minute later, and Yoosung shifted up to press a kiss to Saeyoung’s cheek as the redhead did another pass over his shoulders. “Of course, I love you, too.” Saeyoung couldn’t help the blush on his face, and Yoosung was equally flushed. God, he loved this man, wildly, harshly, but also tenderly, with gentle care.

He finished, curling up next to the blond on the pillows and pulling him close. “You’ve got a pretty high limit.” Yoosung gave the redhead a lazy smile, the flush not getting any lighter. “Well…You hit pretty hard.” Saeyoung had once been his best friend, and sometimes it was odd to think of how that love had transformed so easily into the deep and ever-present affection he now had for the redhead, but there it was. He was the love of his life. Yoosung started to hum as Saeyoung stroked his hair, but that ended pretty quickly as he heard Saeyoung talk. “Shh, it’s all ogre now.” Saeyoung didn’t really know what had possessed him to say that other than just to see how his husband would react. He was a prankster, after all.

Yoosung’s eyes snapped open. That video Saeyoung had showed him once playing in his mind. “Are you kidding?” He pushed at his husband, who hadn’t quite been expecting it, laughing hard as he fell off the bed before his elbow connected with the floor. “Ah, shit, ow. Yoosuuung you huurt mee.” He dragged out the words, and Yoosung just glared at him before he huffily got up, going to grab the first aid kit. He returned, slowly bandaging the injured elbow before crawling back into bed and curling up under the covers. Saeyoung attempted to wrap his arm around him as he too got in the bed, but Yoosung pushed his hand away. “No, you go finish lunch and think about what you did.” Guess he’d found his husband’s limit.

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Next Generation

“I’m just happy.” I squeezed her hand. “So happy.” Her sweet laugh like tinkling bells made my tears well and fall even quicker as Ara and Gyeong appeared at the end of the aisle, Ara already being carried bridal style. Saeyoung started a slow clap and we all, had to in Jaehee’s case, happily joined in. The next generation of the RFA was already beginning, right here and now.

I looked out of the window to see my wife chasing the woman, I believed to be Saeyoung dressed up, with the bright red hair up and down the aisles of chairs as Saeran, my sister Mai, and their son Orion tried to avoid the hectic scene. Yoosung was laughing, although he frantically followed after them adjusting the chairs the two knocked over in their chase. Zen looked mostly confused as Jumin just shook his head, turning to their adopted daughter, Elizabeth, probably to discuss her upcoming graduation with her doctorate.

This was the beginning of the next generation. I’d realized it as I was pinning Ara’s veil into her hair. My daughter looked lovely, a simple dress, no beading, no pleating, just perfectly her. She was currently reciting random history facts like she always did when she was nervous.

I smiled and sat next to her on the bed, careful to avoid disturbing her gown and veil. “Everything is going to be fine, darling. Gyeong is probably already dressed and waiting for you downstairs or Saeyoung wouldn’t be out there going crazy.” We were hosting the wedding outside the home that would be Gyeong’s and Ara’s after today. They had a nice yard even though it was a relatively small two story house.

Ara sighed softly, before giving me a big smile. She looked exactly like my sister, not surprising given the history of her birth and consequent adoption, but it amazed me every time. “Thank you, mom…I know he’s down there. He um…actually texted me a bunch of times already.”

She showed me her phone with a multitude of heart texts and “I love you’s”and I couldn’t help but shake my head at the way my soon-to-be son in law was the perfect mix of his two fathers. Gyeong had grown up surrounded by intelligence, spontaneity, and compassion. He was the happiest and most accepting person I had ever met and his intelligence rivaled Ara’s perfectly.

“I’m going to go check on your mother and Saeyoung. I think he’s cross-dressed and your mother isn’t exactly happy.” I chuckled softly and shook my head. I wasn’t sure if those two would ever completely get along.

“Oh, Gyeong said he’d allowed his dad to do that, but I don’t think anyone told mother…” Realization came to her quickly. “Gyeong is going to be in trouble for this joke, too, isn’t he?”

“Only one way to find out.” I really started laughing now as I made my way out to the yard, greeting Gyeong with a “mom look” as I passed him in the hallway only to get a huge grin from him, one reminscent of Saeyoung’s.

My ears were immediately greeted with the stern tone of my wife as she glared at Saeyoung in his long red wig and maid’s outfit. “Saeyoung Choi, this is your son’s and my daughter’s wedding, and I don’t think either want to make a mockery of it.”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes before I went up to my wife, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. “Jaehee, dear, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Saeyoung does indeed have permission for this.”

“Oh good.” Yoosung sounded relieved. He’d clearly laughed for a while, but if I knew him, he had gotten progressively more upset that Saeyoung’s antics were upsetting other people at the wedding. It was a small wedding, RFA only, but still.

Jumin shrugged his shoulders. “I still hardly think it’s appropriate, but it isn’t my wedding nor Elizabeth’s, so my opinion hardly matters.”

Zen pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh. “Can we all just stop yelling before I get a headache?” Jumin was quick to rub his husbands neck. “Indeed.”

Saeran sighed and sat down in the front row after checking his watch. “The way I see it, we have five minutes. That isn’t enough time for my idiot of a brother to change clothes and it certainly isn’t enough time for us to stand here bickering.” His voice was both flippant and full of affection as he complained. My sister and Orion sat next to him, Mai wrapping an arm around her husband’s shoulders. “I agree that we need to end the bickering, this is a beautiful day for a wedding, after all.”

Everyone looked around at each other before nodding and sitting down. The officiant was just moving up to the altar and we could hear Gyeong and Ara laughing in the hallway as they first met up before their wedding. A smile came to my face as love welled up in my heart.

These people, the RFA, were my family and had been since the first day I stepped into Rika’s apartment. Now our children were growing up and moving on with their lives, and before too long we would be passing on the gauntlet of our charity parties to these capable young people who were the joy of our lives, clearly visible by the way our eyes twinkled, crow’s feet and smile lines evident, whenever we looked at them.

Tears formed in my eyes as I sat with my wife who leaned forward to look at me, putting her hand on mine. “Are you alright, MC?” Jaehee was as beautiful as she’d always been to me, age hadn’t touched her heart at all, and she was still the same woman I’d fallen in love with except with even more love to give every day.

“I’m just happy.” I squeezed her hand. “So happy.” Her sweet laugh like tinkling bells made my tears well and fall even quicker as Ara and Gyeong appeared at the end of the aisle, Ara already being carried bridal style. Saeyoung started a slow clap and we all, had to in Jaehee’s case, happily joined in. The next generation of the RFA was already beginning, right here and now. (Hidden scene of Jaehee and MC parenting their teenage daughter. Become a patron.)

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Left Unattended

By the time I had greeted every guest at the door, Jaehee was already at the podium to give her speech. I entered the room slowly as she greeted the assembly. She took a deep breath to steady herself, just like she did before making phone calls, which made me smile.

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I had finally managed to decide on my dress, a full length black lace dress with long sleeves. It showed my collarbones and dipped in the back to expose my shoulder blades and upper back. I smiled as I pinned my hair up into a low bun. This would be Jaehee’s first RFA party wearing a dress instead of her business suit.

Ara was playing happily on the living room floor with my sister Mai. By now Ara was almost a year old and Mai was pregnant with Saeran’s son. Saeran was watching them on the couch, although he had been reluctant to let Mai sit on the floor at all.

Now he simply watched her quietly with wary eyes. He was already in his suit and Mai would be staying here with Ara. Yoosung and Saeyoung would be dropping their son off any minute now as well and Saeyoung would be taking us all to the party.

I finally turned around to face my wife just as she was zipping up her dress and my jaw fell to the floor. She had chosen a full length dress as well, but it was a shimmery gold with a slit up the leg to her thigh, double strapped, her back exposed all the way to the lower back. “J-Jaehee…” I really hadn’t expected her to go so bold.

“Is…is it too much?” She seemed uncomfortable with my reaction. “I just…since it’s my first time really wearing a dress and the theme is ballroom dancing…” I shook my head. “It’s absolutely perfect.”

My heart was racing as I looked at her, her every trait accentuated beautifully. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a soft kiss, my face filling with blush. “It’s…going to be hard to keep my hands off you at the party.”

I had been trying to be a little more forward in my boldness lately, but my blush always betrayed my nerves. Jaehee laughed that beautiful tinkling bell sound, and I couldn’t help but to blush harder.

We heard footsteps coming up the stairs and opened out bedroom door, stepping out to greet Yoosung and Saeyoung in their suits, a little blond-haired boy sitting atop Saeyoung’s shoulders and squealing with laughter. His eyes were icy blue, but he was far from icy.

Gyeong was one of the happiest children I’d ever seen. Even at six months old, we figured he would always be a fun-loving child, particularly with the parents he had.

Yoosung reached for his son, removing him from Saeyoung’s shoulders and holding him up high above him before puling him in for a hug. “You’ll be good and play nicely with Ara and Auntie Mai, won’t you Gyeong?” He babbled happily to his son. Saeyoung watched the two interacting with a big smile, everyone’s heart in the room was swelling with joy at all of the love in just one room.

Saeran was the only one seemingly uncomfortable, but Mai gave him a gentle look and patted his knee softly. He smiled weakly before standing, leaning his weight on one leg and crossing the other foot behind him, crossing his arms. “Let’s get going.”

When we arrived at the party the others went in to finish the final preparations for the ballroom, all except for Yoosung who noticed V in the corner of the hallway into the event and froze. Saeyoung gave me a look over his shoulder that seemed to say. “Help me?” So I walked up to Yoosung and put a hand on his shoulder. “You should really talk to him.”

Yoosung stiffened at my suggestion. “How do I talk to someone who lied to us all and put us in danger?” There was some anger, but mostly I could feel sadness rolling off the blond. I looked over at the older man leaning against the wall of the hallway. “V had his own reasons for what he did, and I think you should at least just listen to him.”

The blonde sighed and nodded and stepped away from me. “Thanks, MC…I’ll do my best.” He gave me a hug before walking off toward V. I knew he visited Rika often in the hospital and V was almost always there, but this would be the first time they would actually be talking to each other about everything, after almost two years had passed.

I heard a loud shout from towards the ballroom and peaked inside to see a flustered Jaehee trying to get Saeyoung to put the tablecloths on the tables instead of running around with them tied onto himself like a cape.

Zen was attempting to pull his hand away from Jumin’s who simply insistently pulled Zen close, holding him as though her were the female dance partner. “Ehhh, not in public!”

A smirk played on Jumin’s lips as he simply started a waltz, leading Zen with him. Zen’s face continued to fill with red but it was blush rather than rage coloring his face.

Yoosung and V slid past me, V giving me a small, grateful smile. I returned a smile as I watched Yoosung join Jaehee in the chase after his husband the self-proclaimed “DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!”

I shook my head at their antics before stepping into the room as well, clapping loud enough for it to reverberate through the room and stop them in their tracks. “All right, children, let’s get this party set up.”


By the time I had greeted every guest at the door, Jaehee was already at the podium to give her speech. I entered the room slowly as she greeted the assembly. She took a deep breath to steady herself, just like she did before making phone calls, which made me smile.

“The RFA welcomes you to another charity event. Proceeds from tonight’s event will be given to local adoption agencies as well as mental health centers throughout Korea.” Jaehee’s eyes met mine and I think I saw her freeze, the business side of her melting away just a little.

“I’d like to say just a few words in thanks of my fellow members including my wife MC who…before when I would try so hard to hide my emotions has now brought out my emotions in ways I never knew were possible.”

Her eyes were brimming with tears, but she coughed a little before addressing the others. “I’d also like to thank the Choi brothers and Mr. Choi’s husband as well as Mr. Han and musical actor Zen. This group has done so much not only for me but for many charities throughout Korea, so please think of the good you can do tonight when you make your auction purchases. Thank you.”

When she was done, I could see her visibly calm as the audience applauded and she stepped away from the podium to allow V to explain the auction. She was with me in a few moments, throwing her arms around me.

“You did great, sweetheart.” I’d felt my heart swell at her words for me and gave her a soft kiss. “Try not to stress so much, I told you it would go perfectly.”

It was starting to get a little noisy as the guests made their way to the dance floor with their respective partners, so I pulled Jaehee off into a side room. Hopefully, the others would be able to handle the guests on their own.

Jaehee raised her eyebrow at me. “What are we doing in the storage room?” There were several chairs stacked everywhere, and I realized from the crowded shelves that she was correct. I smiled and shrugged. “I just wanted to be alone somewhere quiet for a while.”

I turned to lock the door, not wanting to be disturbed. Normally, I wouldn’t be so bold, but Jaehee’s dress looked absolutely amazing on her and I was finding it hard to resist. When I turned around, Jaehee had a hand to her neck as her eyes were starting to turn to molten gold. “MC…you want to do that…here?”

She didn’t seem like she was going to mind at all, based on the look in her eyes. I just nodded and gently pushed her down onto one of the chairs in the middle of the storage room. Sliding her hair behind her ear i bent to whisper softly. “This time, I’ll be in charge.” Sending a shiver down her spine made a thrill go through me as well.

The slit in her dress’ skirt was so tempting, but I decided to start with simply kissing her, tasting the coffee from her lips like I always could. The flavor was rich, and i couldn’t help but to slide my tongue into her mouth to tease and taste her tongue.

I could feel the goosebumps forming on her skin as I slid my fingertips down her back, enjoying the way I could easily trace her shoulder blades and the muscles of her back. Undoubtedly, everywhere I touched was leaving a hot trail.

Jaehee gasped into my mouth as I slid my other hand along her neck before biting along her jaw line. “I just wish this dress let me get to your chest, but…” I moved my hand to trace up the slit in her dress, earning me a squirm and soft whimper from my wife. “I’m content with this, too.”

Slowly and carefully, a used my nails to scratch along the slit, sliding my hand underneath to find her panties, which were already wet. I smiled at her and lightly bumped her nose with mine. “So wet already?” I teased her and was reward with another whimper as she nodded.

My fingers teased her further, pressing against her and then removing them until she squirmed, silently asking for more. I thought I heard someone at the door and my heart froze for a moment before I remembered the door was locked, and I didn’t hear anything again, so I continued.

“Please, MC…Please.” Jaehee tried to buck her hips forward into my hand, making my smile broaden. It was fun to see her like this when more often than not, that was how I was behaving. Finally, I slid my fingers into her panties and gave my wife her reward for begging, using my finger to circle her sensitive bud.

She nearly cried out from the seemingly long-awaited pleasure and covered her mouth with her hand as I increased the tempo of my rubs, before stopping suddenly and having her buck against me. I did this a few times until I could her her whimpering, even covered by hand.

I leaned my forehead against hers as I once more increased my tempo for her, this time not stopping. Her other hand wrapped around my lower back and held on tightly as she squirmed, her whimpers and moans now barely muffled by the hand that was covering her mouth.

When she finally reached the edge, fire bursting through her every cell as climax took her, she pressed me even closer, trying not to bite her hand. I pressed my fingers tight against her, earning more squirms and bucks. When she’d stopped moving and moaning, I removed my fingers and licked her sweetness from my fingers, savoring the rich flavor.

“Next time, maybe you shouldn’t wear such a bold dress.” I smiled, blush filling my cheeks now that my own boldness was fading. Jaehee just shook her head, a blush of her own on her face. “I think I’ll only wear dresses like this from now on.”


Yoosung was watching the guests dancing. So many of them seemed to be deeply in love with their partners. It was so lovely to see. The blond looked over his shoulder “Saeyoung we should…” Where was his husband? “…dance…”

“Psst.” Saeyoung whispered from behind a cracked door, a smirk on his face. “Defender Seven Oh Seven is calling for Yoosung Star.”

Yoosung nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard his husband whispering to him, but he turned around with a smile and a sigh, pushing his hair away from his forehead, since he no longer wore clips and hadn’t for a long time. Maybe he should get a hair cut?

Saeyoung’s next comment made the blond raise and eyebrow as he pushed the door to the side room open and entered. Saeyoung slammed the door shut and locked it, his arm above his husband’s head. “I would like to play a game.” His voice had a touch of the soft growl Yoosung knew all too well.

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Jumin wrapped his arm casually around Zen’s waist. All of these people dancing and he couldn’t join in all because they had been keeping their relationship a secret for almost two years. Zen flinched away. “Not here, I can’t have a scandal.”

The albino felt terrible about it, but really neither of them needed the wrath of his fans, nor trouble for Jumin’s company. There were already rumors circling, even though the response so far had been positive, the albino couldn’t help but worry.

The dark-eyed man raised an eyebrow at him. “Maybe it’s time we figured something out about that, but for now…” He looked around the room and saw that the kitchens were nearby before leaning to whisper in his boyfriend’s ear. “Let’s find somewhere quiet to dance.” He strode away slowly, confident that Zen would follow after him within a few minutes.

“That Trust Fund Jerk…” Zen muttered darkly as he watched his boyfriend walk away. He tapped his leg with agitation until finally following after him, feeling the beast in his gut. By now, the albino knew Jumin had a thing for exhibitionism, and he wasn’t exactly against that himself either. When he slipped into the kitchens, Jumin was already pulling the albino close by his waist.

“Are we really going to dance?” Heat was already rising as the beast lifted it’s head at the glinting obsidian of Jumin’s eyes. Jumin just smiled and pulled Zen into a deep kiss, raking his tongue across Zen’s teeth before pulling away. “Not the kind of dance you do in the ballroom.”

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Saeran and V were getting bogged down by questions. The formerly pale haired redhead started sending frantic messages to the messenger. Where are you guys? What are you doing? I’m alone out here and they’re asking me for the drinks!!

V tried to start the auction to distract everyone while Saeran got on the phone with Mai. He could hear the children babbling to each other in the background as he frantically spoke with his wife, the words tumbling out. “I’m alone out here and I can’t find MC or anyone else. The guests keep asking me for the drinks but I don’t know where they are and oh my God I’m going to be a terrible father!”

Mai didn’t know how all of that translated into his ability to parents, but she kept her voice soft and soothing. “Try not to worry, I’m sure the others are just busy taking care of the guests as well. Try to find the kitchens. MC said that’s usually where you can find anything you need for the party. And you’re going to be the best father to your son, because he’s yours and you love him.”

Saeran just nodded to everything she said, trying to swallow his panic and remain calm. He started to test the different rooms surrounding the ballroom. He tried one and found it to be locked, but he could hear what sounded like MC’s voice from the other side as well as some sort of soft moaning sound that sounded like.

“Oh…my God…” He just stepped away, his face completely red from both embarrassment and a little of anger that she would leave the party for that. Then again, he wasn’t exactly the most patient when it came to sex either.

He shook his head and went on to the next room, but this time he knew exactly what he was hearing. His brother and his husband Yoosung were being incredibly noisy. “Holy shit!!!” He jumped away from the door, glad the guests had moved into the other room for the auction.

By now the corner of his mouth was twitching in some form of half-smiling grimace as he found his way to the final door away from the ballroom other than the hallway doors. He took a deep breath and pushed it open, happy to find it unlocked.

He was unhappy though to find that this kitchen, at least it was the kitchen, was also occupied, and his ears were assaulted by the moans of the albino and his lover. Saeran’s mouth was definitely twisted into what could only be described as a crazed and murderous smile. He could see the cart of drinks, so he grabbed it and casually wheled it out, just wanting to get out of the kitchen as quickly as possible.

Saeran was seething with rage as he messaged the messenger. I HATE YOU ALL. You’re a bunch of horny messes, and I hope you’re happy with yourselves, because I heard all of you…God, I quit.

By the time everyone saw those messages, the party was over, having gone perfectly well even with the drinks issue, and they were all home in bed. Jumin was in bed petting Elizabeth and just shrugged. Zen was covering his mouth in shocked embarrassment but then messaged back. COunt yourself lucky, everyone wants to hear me but only the few are so privileged.

Yoosung was so embarrassed he could have cried as he cuddled into the laughing Saeyoung, who was almost crying as his sides started to hurt from laughing so hard. I and Jaehee both turned bright red, Jaehee apologizing profusely over the messenger and me covering my face with a blanket.

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