Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | YoosungxOC Gwynn | Stormy Love

“The trail isn’t too far from here it looks like…Are you ready?” He gently squeezed his precious girl’s hand, looking down to meet her gaze. She’d been looking at him, he quickly realized when her face flushed, and his flushed just as quickly. It may have been a month, but Gwynn still made him blush like a school kid.

“I, yes…I’m always ready for an adventure when I’m with you.” Her boyfriend’s blush was so adorable that she was able to ignore her own, giving his hand a gentle squeeze in return before once more surveying their surroundings, taking a peek up at the sky, knowing full well that if he did so it would probably hurt, with how brightly the sun was shining. Gwynn didn’t see much for clouds. “It looks like it will be a beautiful day.”


***This work was converted from a roleplay on the Mystic Messenger server I’m a part of. I actually play Vanderwood, and you totes check out my Vanderwood stories. Please join our server! We’d love to have you. In this particular roleplay, the server’s Supreme Overlord was in the role of Yoosung, and I’m in the role of my custom OC Gwynn. I love love love Yoosung, and I’m sure you do, too. ~Let’s Connect! FFC***

The bus was pretty quiet as it drove out of the city towards the nature trail Yoosung and Gwynn would be hiking for their one month anniversary. It was away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and not particularly well known, so even what would usually have been crowded public transport, was pretty empty. Gwynn had helped Yoosung pack his backpack full of the essentials as well as picnic materials, and it looked like it was going to be the perfect day. The sun was out and brightly shining.

Now they were nearly to their destination and Yoosung yawned and stretched, waking from his doze on his precious girl’s shoulder. He watched her for a moment, thinking just how lucky he was that this beautiful and amazing person was his. Her platinum blonde hair had gotten a little mussed from her leaning against the window, and that made him smile. Yoosung finally decided to wake her as they were now almost at the bus stop.

“We’re here!” He poked at her cheek as he spoke in a sing-song voice, dragging his words in a soft tone, so as to wake her pleasantly. “Wake uuuppp~”

At first she didn’t want to wake up, making a soft noise as she pushed his hand away. That’s when she remembered what they were doing and she opened her lavender eyes slowly, taking in her surroundings. She’d been sleeping with her head against the window and now her hair was all mussed up. “I’m sorry…I guess I was having a good dream.” Gwynn fussed at it, trying to comb her fingers through it and wincing as she took out the knots. Once she’d managed to tame her hair, she gave Yoosung a winning smile. She was really excited about this trip, certain that it was going to be a wonderful time.

The bus had come to a stop as Yoosung responded cheerily, nearly not being heard over the hissing of the brakes. “Good dreams are the best ones.” He gave Gwynn his own winning smile as he took her hand to lead her off of the bus. Thankfully, he was already wearing his backpack, so he didn’t have to fuss with getting it out from an overhead compartment or under the bus itself.

They stepped out into the light, lacing their fingers together as they looked out over the start of the trail. There was an old sign there with a map of the trail, as well as the trail itself. The trail itself started as a grassy overgrown patch and then evolved into a gravelly, winding strip of path, at least of what Gwynn could see of it. Yoosung squinted a little as his good eye adjusted to the light, pushing his red glasses up a little to help him actually take in the view.

“The trail isn’t too far from here it looks like…Are you ready?” He gently squeezed his precious girl’s hand, looking down to meet her gaze. She’d been looking at him, he quickly realized when her face flushed, and his flushed just as quickly. It may have been a month, but Gwynn still made him blush like a school kid.

“I, yes…I’m always ready for an adventure when I’m with you.” Her boyfriend’s blush was so adorable that she was able to ignore her own, giving his hand a gentle squeeze in return before once more surveying their surroundings, taking a peek up at the sky, knowing full well that if he did so it would probably hurt, with how brightly the sun was shining. Gwynn didn’t see much for clouds. “It looks like it will be a beautiful day.”

“Yeah…” His voice trailed off for a moment before he grinned at her, his grin slipping a cheer into his tone. “The weather is beautiful, but I think I like looking at you more?” Yoosung felt his heart jump at that now familiar squeak sound Gwynn made at almost every compliment he gave her, beginning to walk with her towards the trail.

She had managed to ignore how much she was blushing earlier because he had been too, but the squeak had her embarrassed and nuzzling into his shoulder for a moment as they walked, just to hide her face. As her embarrassment passed, she looked out over the trail.

They’d made it to the gravelly portion now, gravel ranging from small pebbles to larger rocks. Yoosung’s eye may have healed for the most part, but Gwynn kept her eye out for anything he might not notice. His depth perception wasn’t exactly the best, and she viewed it as her duty as his girlfriend to make sure that he didn’t get hurt. She nodded to herself, as she put up a fist in determined defiance. No rock would be tripping her man today.

The beginning of the trail wasn’t too steep, and for that Yoosung was thankful. It had only been a month, and he was still getting used to being able to see with only one eye. It’s not that it was so difficult to get used to, but it was different and he had to focus differently. Depth perception was still a bit of a challenge from time to time, but this trip was worth it, just to be able to spend some time with his precious Gwynn and no distractions.

There was grass on either side of the gravelly path and even small patches of trees every once in a while which gradually become portions of forest. Gwynn kicked a few rocks out of Yoosung’s path as they walked along, occasionally catching a glance of some small groupings of flowers in the grass too. She smiled, thinking that maybe she should stop Yoosung and they could pick some flowers, and then she lost her train of thought.

Something cold and wet landed on Gwynn’s cheek, and she looked up. Yoosung seemed to have been hit with a small drop of water as well. Was it raining? Gwynn looked up at the sky, and maybe it was starting to drizzle just a little? But the sun is out? She decided to ignore it, thinking that the drizzle would surely go away before too long.

Yoosung had also looked up as he felt a drop against his skin. Was it raining? They were around a lot of trees, maybe they were just dropping condensation off of their leaves. He rationalized it to himself, greener environments did have more humidity, after all.

Gwynn kicked another rock out of Yoosung’s way, and he smiled, thankful that she was looking out for him. He was just about to thank her when suddenly something jumped out in front of them, making him jump just a little before watching the little rabbit scurry away up the path. His girlfriend had also jumped, but she had jumped to grab him around the waist, only realizing as the bunny hopped away that he wasn’t falling. I guess that was a little overprotective of me.

“Sorry…” Gwynn let go slowly, her face turning bright pink as she looked up at him. “I got worried you were going to fall…I’m glad it was just a rabbit.” She bit her lip as she thought to herself. How do I always embarrass myself in front of him?

Yoosung just laughed, pulling her into a hug. Her face was so cute, and he couldn’t get over it. She was just trying to make things easier for him since the incident with his eye, and it frankly melted his heart to have her care that much. He may be a man, but his precious girl loving on him would always make his heart flip in his chest. “I did fall, about a month ago, so…thanks for catching me~”

Her blush just grew darker. “Y-you don’t have to thank me…I’ll always catch you, Yoosung. Just trust me.” Gwynn nibbled at her lip before giving him a soft and quick kiss, not helping her blush situation at all. “I love you.”

He would trust her with anything no questions asked; she didn’t need to ask him to. Her little kiss had him smiling, but he found it just a little too quick for his liking. “I love you too, Gwynn.” Yoosung pulled her in for a longer, gentle kiss before pulling back, blushing a bit now himself.

Gwynn couldn’t help but to grin widely like an idiot, hugging him tightly before looking up into his violet eye, the left one duller and pale, almost like hers, although hers had the bright sparkle of sight. “I’m glad I came to the RFA and met you.”

“I’m glad you did too, Gwynn. Let’s go.” Yoosung smiled, taking her hand once more to lead her further along the trail, being careful to avoid any further rocks or sticks along the way. The trail was only getting more scenic with large patches of different kinds of flowers and plenty of trees. He glanced over to his precious girl, noting the expression on her face as her eyes caught sight of some particularly vibrant flowers. “Are you enjoying this?”

She had been so busy looking at the flowers that she almost didn’t hear the question at first. “Huh, oh, yes!” Gwynn giggled a little at herself before she continued on. “Everything is so pretty…and…I like being here with you.” Glancing up at him through her lashes at first before she could get herself to fully meet his gaze, Gwynn gave him a small but genuine smile.

She’s so cute… Yoosung couldn’t help but to think so, especially when she was acting so adorably shy. He considered himself really lucky to have gotten to meet and be with someone as kind and as cute as his Gwynn. “Me too~” Another drop of ‘condensation’ landed on his hand, and then another on his cheek. They were starting to drop more frequently now. It couldn’t…actually be raining…could it? The weather had looked so nice…

Yoosung wasn’t the only one to have noticed, particularly not after a drop of water hit Gwynn square on the nose. She looked up at the sky once more. “This is really strange…I think…it’s raining?” But it looks so nice out.” Her brows furrowed in confusion, there weren’t even really any clouds in the sky.

His own eyebrows also furrowed, equally as confused as his girlfriend. “I’m…not sure?” Yoosung looked around and a drop hit him on the forehead, making him scrunch his face up. “Yeah…it’s definitely raining.” He quickened their pace along the trail, just in case it got worse he could try and scout out a place they could take shelter from the rain. The map on the sign had shown a few such shelters along the path, so he knew they were out there.

Gwynn followed along with his pace, nibbling at her lip nervously. Hopefully they weren’t too far from one of the shelters she’d seen marked on the sign’s map, because she hadn’t really been dressed for rain. She hoped their picnic wouldn’t be ruined, as she’d really been looking forward to this special date commemorating their past month together.

The rain didn’t seem to be getting any worse for the time being, but now the two could see small drops of wetness on the gravel, which, if the rain picked up, might soon become a rather muddy experience. Yoosung checked up on his girlfriend, wanting to make sure she was comfortable with their new pace. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just hope it doesn’t get worse…I’m not really dressed for rain.” Gwynn didn’t have too much trouble matching his pace, as she was only just slightly shorter than her boyfriend. That and she wasn’t exactly out of shape. “Are you okay too?”

Yoosung looked down at what he was wearing as she spoke. “I’m not either.” He laughed a little, squeezing her hand comfortingly. “It’s not like we knew anyways…but yeah, I’m good.” At least his backpack was weather resistant, so no matter how hard it rained; the contents inside would be safe.

Gwynn nibbled at her lip, feeling like she wanted to say something and it seemed like the rain was holding off enough that she had time. “Hey, Yoosung…” She pulled on his arm gently, coming to a stop herself. For just a moment she couldn’t quite find the words and she looked down, blush filling her cheeks quickly as she ground the tip of one of her shoes into the dirt. Her shoes were her precious possession, floral print converse, but she just couldn’t help being nervous at the moment.

Her boyfriend stopped as he felt her tug on him lightly, furrowing his brows at her. “Yeah?” He was quick to notice her blush, one of his own rising in his cheeks. It was like it was contagious, and Gwynn was just too adorable; he just couldn’t help it. His heart leapt at her words as she began to speak. “I’m really glad we decided to go out for a date…It’s been a really awesome month, being with you. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

She watched as a grin spread across his face. Yoosung bent to pick a small flower growing next to the trail before tucking it into Gwynn’s hair, just behind her ear. He gently stroked her cheek, making sure to hold his hand there so she couldn’t look away in embarrassment, smiling even wider when she made that little squeak sound. “Gwynn, I’m glad too…I think that I’m a better person because of you in this short amount of time.”

It was Gwynn’s turn for her heart to leap. As her face started to burn up with blush, she put her hands up to cover them. “That’s…so sweet, and this flower…it’s so pretty, thank you.” At least she’d managed to say a full sentence, although her inner monologue only further betrayed her embarrassment. I look like a child! Ah…he’ll think I’m a baby if I don’t grow up soon.

Yoosung’s grin wasn’t going away any time soon. “You look so cute, Gwynn!” He kissed the top of her head lightly, feeling a few more frequent raindrops. It still wasn’t heavy yet, but now there were clouds in the sky. Maybe there was a shower rolling in…funny, the forecast hadn’t said anything about it. Did he just have bad luck?

He wasn’t the only one to feel more raindrops, Gwynn felt the cold little spots on her arms. “You think we should find some trees or shelter to hide under, Yoosung?” Rain hadn’t been on the forecast, she was sure of it, and earlier the day had looked so lovely. It was rather mind-boggling.

“Yeah…I think it might get worse.” Yoosung began to jog, motioning to Gwynn to follow. He had a feeling that it wouldn’t be much longer now until the rain really started to come down. He wasn’t wrong either. The rain began to steadily get heavier as he searched for a place to get away from it, trying to see through the blur of water on his glasses, which was in no way easy for him. At this point both his and Gwynn’s hair was soaked and he looked at her with worry. “I’m so sorry…please bear with me for a little just a bit longer…”

Gwynn was understanding, it had been her fault they’d stopped instead of finding somewhere to shelter themselves from the rain, and of course with his glasses, and being unable to take them off without having exactly the same blurry vision, it wasn’t easy for him. “It’s okay, I’m alright.” She was starting to shiver a little, although keeping up with him helped, but she also kept her eye out for anything that might get in his way, especially now that he could probably mostly just see drops of water in his vision.

A minute or two passed before a shed finally came into view. Yoosung reached over to grab his precious girlfriend’s hand, hurriedly making his way there as the gravelly path began to turn to mud. There was thunder in the distance, and that meant the rain was only going to get worse. The two of them were already soaked. Gwynn helped him with the door and then they were inside, sheltered from the rain but soaking wet.

There was mud up Gwynn’s legs and on her precious converse, what little makeup she had been wearing was probably running, and her hair was most certainly a mess. Her first reaction was to feel self-conscious, but then she started to shiver, her clothes soaked through.

As soon as they were inside, Yoosung immediately took off his backpack, digging inside and pulling out the blanket that he had intended to use for the picnic. He glanced at her, holding out the blanket to her, blush filling his face. “Uhh…Gwynn?” Yoosung really hoped she wouldn’t take what he was about to ask the wrong way. “You uhh…y-you need to take off your clothes…” His face was so red right now, and he looked away from her to hide it. It couldn’t be helped…If she stayed in those clothes, as wet as they were, she was going to get a cold.

Gwynn wasn’t quite sure she’d heard him right, her face filling with red. “I…what?” Her entire face felt hot. Yoosung couldn’t possibly mean to do that here? They’d never even done that. She didn’t think her heart could take it, even when he kissed her she felt light-headed sometimes.

Yoosung began to repeat what he’d said, but decided that maybe he needed to elaborate a bit more. “T-take your clothes off, or you’re going to get a cold…” He held the large blanket up so she could see. “You can wrap yourself in this while your clothes dry…”

Okay, so he hadn’t meant that, but her face certainly wasn’t cooling down any time soon. Gwynn sighed in relief still before a thought struck her. “B-but…what will you do?” There was only the one blanket, and as big as it was the thought of sharing it with him, her face was turning redder if that was even possible.

“M-me? I-I’m fine. It’s you I’m worried about.” Yoosung stuttered before shaking his head to clear it and tossing the blanket over to her. “Please hurry…I don’t want you to get sick.” With raging blush, Yoosung turned around to give her some privacy. The shed wasn’t particularly big, otherwise he would have moved away too, but there was only so much available space. At least there wasn’t too much light in there either…though, maybe that wasn’t such a great thing, because it seemed to be getting darker outside rather quickly thanks to the storm clouds.

Gwynn turned around too, equally as embarrassed as her boyfriend. It didn’t seem like he was about to budge on the matter, so she did as he’d asked, removing her dress. “Um…” She wasn’t sure if she could actually manage to get the question out past her somewhat tied tongue, but she managed. “My underclothes too?” Gwynn had to fan her face. God this is bad. “Y-you know you get sick from germs not cold…” That would have been a great argument, had she thought about it earlier, but now she was already in her bra and panties, so…

Her question wasn’t helping his blush at all. “…Keep those on.” This had to be the worst thing that could happen on a date. It was so awkward. Her little argument had him struggling to give her a proper answer past his own tongue tie. “Y-yeah, but…when you’re cold it weakens your nose…and you have a greater risk of catching a cold.”

Yoosung was the medical student, so Gwynn just went along with it, trusting his judgment. She wrapped herself up in the blanket tightly, still blushing like mad. “Okay…You can turn around.” Her lip would probably get sore from the way she was nibbling at it. This was so embarrassing. “I’m only doing this because I trust you…I’d never do this with anyone else, you know that, right?”

He nodded, unable to bring himself to turn around for the time being, despite the fact she’d told him he could. “Y-yeah. I know…” The rain was pounding harder on the shed and a flash of lightning followed by a loud boom of thunder made him jump a bit, and he audibly yelped. Yeah. This was not the ideal date…but at least he was spending time with Gwynn…that had to count for something right?

Gwynn had her own little startle to the lightning and thunder, nearly dropping the blanket. Thank goodness he hadn’t turned around yet. She pulled the blanket tighter around her and sat down on the shed floor, thankful that the blanket was big enough that she didn’t have to sit on the dirty floor of the shed. I look terrible, and I’m mostly naked. What a date. Still, she smiled. Yoosung was trying to take care of her. Her boyfriend was the sweetest.

After hearing Gwynn sit down, Yoosung felt that it was okay for himself to move. He felt like he was moving like a robot as he sat down himself, finally finding the courage to turn around and face her. “I…uhhh…are you okay?” What was he really supposed to say? The tension in the air was so thick you could probably cut it with a knife.

“I’m fine…” Gwynn couldn’t really bring herself to look at him, choosing to look at the floor for the time being. She heard the thunder again and held the blanket tighter. “I’m sorry this isn’t turning out the way we wanted it to…” A small sniffle escaped her; she’d really been looking forward to their picnic too.

Yoosung gave her a small smile, trying to make her feel better. “It…might not have turned out the way that we originally thought…but I’m still happy that I get to be here with you.” The small sniffle caught his ear, and he was immediately by her side, placing his hand on her forehead. “Gwynn, you feel really warm.” Was she already getting sick? Oh no…

Gwynn’s heart nearly stopped for a moment.” No, no, I swear I’m fine!” He was so close, and she felt a little vulnerable, even though she knew he wouldn’t do anything. “I’m just…” She was biting her lip again, and then just blurted the words. “I’m just so nervous and I’m blushing and I’m sorry.” Gwynn pulled the blanket up to hide her face.

“O-Oh.” Yoosung felt a little silly for jumping the gun and blushed more. He’d just gone into a bit of a…mode, wanting to make sure she was okay. His own face was probably pretty warm too despite the chill his soaked clothes brought him. Yoosung tried to come up with something to take their minds off the fact that she was pretty much naked under the blanket. “I can erm…make us some food? It’s not the greatest place for a picnic, but if you’re hungry…?”

She nodded, it sound like a pretty good idea, anything to not focus on what was going on. He looked so cold in his clothes; they really should have brought another blanket. Gwynn nibbled at her lip for a moment before she spoke again. “If-if you want, I could let you use the blanket to dry off…I’ll just turn around…” Now she was making it worse for herself. She thought of Yoosung without his shirt on and had to press her hand to her nose, shaking her head to get the image out of her mind.

Yoosung was quick to answer, more worried about Gwynn than himself. “N-no. Please keep it.” The last thing he wanted to do was to make her uncomfortable. Well…more uncomfortable than she already was. He scooted towards his backpack, beginning to dig in it.

Gwynn just felt so awkward, burying her face in her hands. I look like crap, I can barely talk with all the butterflies in my stomach, and I can’t do anything to help warm him up. She breathed out a deep sigh, trying to gain some semblance of control over herself and her nerves. But at least I’m not out here in this storm alone. That would have been so much worse. Gwynn watched him digging through the backpack as she thought. She had imagined sitting under a pretty tree among a field of flowers, eating together and maybe sharing a few sweet kisses here and there. There certainly weren’t going to be any sweet kisses half-naked and wet.

He pulled a small bento box and some waters out of the backpack, handing them to Gwynn.  “Here you go; this should hold you over for now.” That should be good for now. He had no idea how long this storm was going to last, and he wanted to make sure that they had the supplies to wait it out. Calling the RFA for help didn’t even occur to him, although he most certainly could have, but he was so focused on Gwynn that it simply didn’t come to mind.

“Thank you.” Gwynn reached to take the items, and the blanket slipped a little, nearly making her drop the bento box and water in surprise. She squeaked and put the items down to cover back up. “I’m sorry!” He couldn’t have seen much, right? It only slipped a little! Gwynn was inwardly panicking at the thought.

Yoosung could have sworn that his heart stopped when it looked like the blanket was slipping. “It’s okay! I d-didn’t see anything!” The rain outside was still pounding on the shed relentlessly, and a large bout of thunder and lightning resounded through the little space. The sound was so loud that Gwynn shrieked and started to cry, not having been prepared.

Oh no. Gwynn was crying…What was he supposed to do?? He looked around frantically as if that would help anything, drawing a blank. If this were a normal situation, he would have held her until she stopped crying, but this…Trying to hold her now would just get the blanket wet and ruin the whole point of her not getting cold in the first place. Unless…”Gwynn…P-please close your eyes.” Gwynn whimpered softly and nodded, not sure what he was intending to do, but trusting him completely.

Once Yoosung was certain she had closed her eyes, he removed his soaked shirt and scooted towards her, wrapping an arm around her frame in an attempt to calm her crying down. As soon as his arm was around her, Gwynn instinctively leaned into him, turning her face in towards his neck before she realized that she didn’t feel anything but skin underneath her chin. Her heart was beating so fast that she all but forgot how terrified she’d just been, her tears stopping easily. She kept her eyes closed tightly, and tried to breathe slowly to aid her frantic heart.

Her boyfriend let out a sigh of relief. His precious girl had stopped crying. Good, he had hated to hear her cry. The thunder and lightning wasn’t letting up; though, so he just held her tighter, hoping that she didn’t feel too awkward.

Gwynn couldn’t help but feeling like her heart was melting. “I love you, Yoosung…” He was being so kind, holding her like this when he was probably feeling as uncomfortable as she was. It was all so new. They’d been together for a month, but they had kept things very innocent…up until now. Even this was technically completely innocent, being half-naked together in an isolated shed.

Yoosung kissed the side of her head softly. “I love you too, Gwynn.” He was starting to feel a little warmer being next to Gwynn and getting rid of his cold, wet shirt. It would probably help more if he took his socks and shoes off too, so he kicked them off. Yeah…that was definitely much better.

She could feel him moving around, but since she couldn’t open her eyes, she was forced to ask. “Um…what are you doing?” Gwynn bit at her lip, thinking to herself that at least he seemed to be feeling a little warmer, but she was finding it difficult not to think about him shirtless…Maybe she could take a peek. No, that wouldn’t be right.

“Oh, I just…thought it would be more comfortable if I got rid of my shoes and socks since they’re soaked.” Yoosung chuckled a little as he responded. He felt bad that she had to keep her eyes closed. It wasn’t as if a guy being shirtless was the same as a girl. This was no time for him to be self conscious…After all, he had at one point offered over the phone to her to see him shirtless to prove he had abs, even if they weren’t as impressive as Zen’s. He’d even offered to let her touch them…So why was he being so shy now? Yoosung inwardly sighed. “Gwynn, y-you can open your eyes if you want to…”

Gwynn had nodded to his explanation, turning a little so she could open her eyes without seeing him to remove her own shoes and socks, setting them gently to the side. Hopefully they would dry out and be fine; she loved them so much. She had closed her eyes again before he suggested she open them. If it were possible, she blushed more, nibbling at her lip. “O-okay…” Gwynn opened her eyes, and…well, he really did have abs. Somehow it was different seeing him shirtless in person than on a phone screen. She tried not to stare too much.

Yoosung gave her arm a small squeeze over the blanket. “Do you feel better…?” She wasn’t really saying anything. He figured that maybe the thunder and lightning were still getting to her. In reality, Gwynn had just completely forgotten about everything, She managed to peel her eyes away from his chest to look into his eyes. “Y-yeah…I feel a little better.” Gwynn felt her heart do a little nervous flip, but she leaned to plant a quick kiss on his cheek. “You take such great care of me.”

Was it his imagination or had she been staring at his chest…? Yoosung was brought back from his thoughts at Gwynn’s kiss on his cheek. He smiled and returned the favor, planting a soft kiss on her cheek as well. “I want to do whatever I can to be a reliable person to you, Gwynn.”

She giggled a little. “Maybe this date wasn’t turning out to be so bad after all. At least we’re together.” Gwynn pulled the blanket a little tighter around her. “Although…I really hadn’t intended to be…half-naked.” That brought her blush back in full force. “Sorry.” She looked back down at their wet clothes on the shed floor. Yoosung found himself giggling right along with her. He was happy that if he had to be stuck in a creepy shed with anyone that it would be Gwynn. Her apology had him furrowing his brows in confusion though. “Why are you apologizing? It’s not like you can control the weather, silly~” He nuzzled into her a little.

“I…I don’t know.” She laughed and nuzzled him back before leaning her forehead against his. “But I think this date is going well despite the circumstances.” Gwynn nibbled at her lip, thinking maybe she could have something she’d wanted after all and giving Yoosung a soft kiss.

“I think so too.” Yoosung was happy to hear her laugh, especially since just a little bit ago she was crying. He could feel how warm she was when she leaned her forehead against his own, reminding himself that it was just because she was a little nervous and not because she was getting sick. Then he felt her lips on his, one of his favorite feelings in the world. Yoosung gladly kissed her back, bringing his hand up to gently caress her cheek.

Gwynn couldn’t help but smile in the kiss, feeling a little bold and sliding one of her hands into the back of his hair. It was still wet, but she didn’t mind, holding the blanket together with her other hand. The blanket slipped just a little, exposing her shoulder, but Gwynn ignored it; he’d seen her shoulder before anyway. She decided just to enjoy the moment.

He was surprised when he felt her hand on the back of his head. Usually when they kissed, she was so timid. Even this was bold for her, and he couldn’t help but to grin into the kiss just as she was doing. Yoosung used her boldness as an opportunity to deepen their kiss, worrying just a little that it might make her uncomfortable. He thought for a moment about pulling away before he got too carried away himself. Despite his seemingly innocent and childish demeanor, he was a man after all.

It felt like her heart was going to burst. Something about the whole situation had made her bolder than usual. She felt like her cheeks were on fire, but she liked it. Just for a moment, Gwynn nibbled at his lower lip, and then she did it again. Her heart was beating way too fast, and she pulled away, putting her fingers to her lips. “I’m sorry…I don’t know what I was thinking.” So embarrassing. Gwynn covered her face with her hands, not realizing the unfortunate result of her choice.

Yoosung could have sworn his heart was beating so hard that it was trying to escape his chest. He felt the nibble to his lip and responded with a few of his own, and before he knew it, she had pulled away. Crap…had he done something wrong? “N-no! I’m sorry, Gwynn…I got a bit carried away -“ His voice trailed off when he noticed that she wasn’t holding onto the blanket anymore, causing it to fall and bunch around her. As fast as he could, he clamped his eyes closed, but he had definitely gotten a full view of her. Words failed him; he didn’t know what to say.

Gwynn took a moment before she realized, making that squeak sound. She grabbed the blanket up so fast. How much had he seen? Her face couldn’t quite decide whether to drain of blood or to fill with it. This is it, I’m done for, my life is over. It felt like there was a bag of rocks in her stomach, making her feel sick. She hugged her knees and rocked herself a little, feeling utterly lost.

This was bad. Bad, bad, bad. Gwynn was obviously distressed. Should he lie and say that he didn’t see anything? Would she know that he was lying? Or should he just come clean…? A flurry of thoughts crossed his mind, all jumbled together. His face warmed up and he all but blurted out, “It’s okay Gwynn you look really beautiful don’t be ashamed please!” Oh god, what…did that…oh. Oh no. Yoosung was now covering his burning face with his hands. He was such an idiot.

Her face finally came to a decision at his words, turning bright red. So, he really had seen, but his words caught her off guard. Gwynn’s heart was thundering in her ears. Did he just say what I think he said? Had she really heard him right? “Wh-what?” Yoosung looked so upset with himself. She clutched the blanket tightly around her, even tighter than before, and scooted a little closer to him, wanting to console her boyfriend.

Yoosung peeked through his hands to see Gwynn scooting closer to him a bit. Crap. Of course she had heard him. She was absolutely red-faced. “I uhm…I said that you look beautiful, and there’s no reason to be ashamed…?” He talked slowly, his face still in his hands so that his voice came out slightly muffled and quiet.

She wasn’t really sure how to respond to that. Gwynn felt equally flattered and utterly embarrassed that he had seen her at the same time. Shaking her head to clear her mind, she decided to move on from it. “Um…thank you…” She still couldn’t bear to look at him, staring at the shed floor. “You…really think that?” That was even more embarrassing, but something in her was eager to hear him say it.

“Y-yeah. That’s what I really think.” To him, Gwynn was the most beautiful person, both inside and out. He really wished that she realized that about herself. He jumped a little as Gwynn reached up to take his hands away from his face. She thought he was really blushing hard. “I’m sorry…” He’d seen her. Another wave of embarrassment washed over her as she thought about it again. “I-I should have been…more careful.”

He was trying to follow her train of thought, but his eyebrows furrowed; he simply didn’t understand. “W-what…? What are you apologizing for? You didn’t do anything wrong.” Yoosung looked up to the ceiling, scratching his face. Was there anything he could say to make his precious girl feel better…? “I-it’s the same as a swim suit, if you think about it…” He had nearly forgotten about the rain, but now it seemed like it had gotten worse if that was even possible, pounding on the roof of the shed. Hopefully it could hold up.

Gwynn tilted her head at her boyfriend, a small giggle bubbling up at her own ridiculousness. “I…guess you’re right. I guess it is like a swimsuit.” She watched the rain pounding against the shed’s small windows for a while before turning to face him again, worrying that it was going to be a long time before the weather let up. “Are you sure you’re not cold?” Her face was growing hot again as she made him an offer, her voice trailing off a few times. “I mean…if it’s just like a swimsuit…we could…Nevermind…”

Yoosung had felt a lot less tense upon hearing her laugh, unable to keep from gazing at her as she watched the rain relentlessly tapping against the windows. For probably the hundredth time that day, he was feeling once again that he was a lucky man to have her by his side. He was pulled out of his thoughts as soon as he realized she was looking at him, talking to him. “Huh? Gwynn, what is it? Did you need something?”

“I’m just wondering…if we should share the blanket…I don’t want you to get a cold either.” She looked into his eyes for a moment before looking away again, her face only getting redder. “I just really don’t want you to be cold…and it doesn’t look like the storm is letting up anytime soon.”

He wasn’t sure how to respond at first. “I…um…” Yoosung couldn’t deny that he was pretty cold, and she was right about the storm. His face matched Gwynn’s in color as he nodded and scooted as close as he could comfortably manage towards her. Gwynn was quick to drape the blanket over his shoulder, a little too nervous to wrap her arm around him. She nibbled at her lip and played with her fingers, trying to distract herself. “You think the storm will let up before the last bus leaves for home?”

Yoosung was surprised at how much warmer he already felt with the blanket over him, beginning to nervously fidget himself. He was unsure of what to really talk about, perking up when he finally heard his girlfriend talk. “I hope so…if anything we can just ask someone from the RFA.” Maybe they should have done that already?

“That’s a good idea.” Gwynn watched him from the corner of her eye for a while. She was surprised to say that she was happy to be here with him, even if it was embarrassing. They could have called the RFA earlier, that would have been a great idea, but they’d been a bit caught up in the moment. Gwynn almost felt like they’d gotten closer. Sure, they’d been together for a month, but she could honestly say she’d never been so bold with him before and it was kind of nice.

She bit at her knuckle thinking and trying to gather up some courage before she scooted against his side, laying her head on his shoulder. Her heart flipped at the feeling of him skin to skin with her. “Thank you, Yoosung…for always being so kind to me. You know…I really couldn’t imagine my life without you now.” Sure, a love confession shouldn’t be a big deal at this point in their relationship, but somehow there were still butterflies going wild in her stomach.

As he felt the warmth of Gwynn scooting into his side, he put his arm around her, trying to ignore the fact that so much of their bare skin was coming into contact. He had noticed that Gwynn was being bolder than normal, possibly due to the strange situation or…change of pace so to speak. He wasn’t sure, but what he was sure of was that he actually enjoyed it…not that he didn’t enjoy her normal demeanor. She was cute no matter how she acted. Yoosung gently rested his own head against hers. “No, thank you. If it weren’t for you, I’d still be a lost little boy, good for nothing but playing video games.”

Gwynn took his hand, fitting their fingers together. She didn’t like him talking badly about himself. “I don’t think you were ever good for nothing but video games. I fell in love with you for a reason. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Probably off doing nothing in particular who knows where.” Gwynn listened to the rain hitting the shed roof. Was it getting a little lighter?

Yoosung smiled and kissed the top of her head before staring out the little shed window. “Thanks…” The rain sounded like it was getting just a little lighter, although it seemed the thunder and lightning was more frequent. All of a sudden a loud THUMP hit the window, causing Yoosung to jump. A bird or something had flown straight into the window, but thankfully didn’t break the glass. It was just kind of stuck there. He squinted his good eye trying to figure out exactly what it was or if he was hallucinating even as Gwynn threw her arms around him in shock from the loud noise.

It took Gwynn a moment to calm down as Yoosung kissed her forehead. “Everything is fine…except maybe whatever hit the window…” Gwynn realized with the low lighting that he probably couldn’t quite make it out properly even with his glasses. “I thought it was a bird at first, but I think it’s just a branch with leaves.” Then she realized she’d managed to press his arm between her breasts and practically jumped away from him in embarrassment.

“It’s not a bird?” He asked her incredulously. He could have sworn…Yoosung was surprised when Gwynn jumped away, tilting his head in confusion. “Gwynn, are you okay?” There hadn’t been any thunder in that moment, so what had her so spooked?

Gwynn sighed in relief. He hadn’t noticed. “Y-yes, I’m fine.” She scooted back to him, thinking of anything to excuse her action. “I’m sorry…I just…got a chill.” Offering him a small smile, she leaned into him again.

His brows furrowed with concern now, wrapping the blanket around both of them tighter and enveloping her in his arms. “You’re cold?” Maybe his body heat would help, although now his bare chest was pressed against his back turning his face a color that was probably a whole new shade of red as of yet to be discovered. “I-is this better?”

She squeaked but didn’t fight him, simply nibbling on her lip as she nodded. “Y-yes…thank you…” He was so warm, and if she just turned a little they would be face-to-face, closer than they’d ever been really. It made her think of their kiss from earlier which only aided the blush that had crept into her face in getting darker.

It was a good thing for Yoosung that she couldn’t see his face right now and how red he was. If she could, she’d probably turn just as red as he was. He tried to make sure that he was breathing slowly, because inside he was internally screaming. This was the closest he’d ever been to anyone in his entire life. His mind was hyper aware of every little movement that Gwynn made, every twitch, every breath…He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts. What mattered right now was that his precious girl was warm.

Her heart was beating so fast and hard that she felt surely he could hear it. Was she even breathing? The thoughts going through her mind started to slip to things less innocent. She bit her lip hard trying to make them go away. He’s so close… Gwynn thought she was going to die of a heart attack.

Not sure what else to say, Yoosung finally broke the tense silence between them. “A-Are you still okay?” Another ‘bird’ hit the window, and he jumped again slightly, whimpering. He felt like he was being so uncool in front of Gwynn, scared of a freakin’ stick.

Gwynn jumped as well, turning and hiding her face in the crook of his neck. Then she relaxed from the shock of the sound, pulling away a little. “I’m fine…I’m gonna be fine.” Was she telling him or herself? Realizing that they were now face to face wasn’t helping her at all. I can’t keep this up much longer, but it’s not like we can go back to sitting at opposite sides of the shed.

Yoosung tightened his hold on Gwynn as she hid her face in his neck, not letting her get too far away from him, wanting to keep her safe in his arms. “I think the wind is getting worse too…” He was starting to worry that the branch was going to break the window and let the rain in. Seriously, how could the forecast have been this wrong?

“Yoosung, I’m scared.” She wasn’t sure if she was more scared of the weather or the way she was reacting to how close he was. It probably wasn’t helping that he was jumping around at every sound too. Yoosung felt so bad that he was looking like such a wimp in front of her. “Don’t worry, Gwynn. I’ll always be here.” He tried stroking her head in a comforting manner, hoping it would help ease her nerves. Somehow having Gwynn here with him was helping him through his own fear, and he hoped he was doing the same for her.

Gwynn smiled a little as he stroked her head, feeling comforted by the action. If he wasn’t here, she didn’t know what she would have done. “I know…I love you, Yoosung.” Being so close was becoming highly uncomfortable for her with as little dressed as they were, but it was definitely better than being cold and alone. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it too, as much as it made her feel like she was going to have a heart attack from her heart beating so hard.

“I love you too, Gwynn.” No matter how many times she told him that, his heart still skipped a beat every time. At the moment, it didn’t matter to him about their state of undress as he gently turned her head to pull her into a kiss. He couldn’t help himself with how cute she was being. His body had moved automatically.

When his lips met hers, there was no mistaking that her heart was going at a record fast pace. She didn’t try to pull away, melting into him instead. It was almost like picking up where they had left off earlier as she kissed him back. A little part of her still felt embarrassed at her lack of clothing, but she pushed it aside for once. If Yoosung could do it, she could too.

Relief washed over Yoosung when he felt her kissing him back and not pulling away from him. It had been such a spontaneous thing that he had been afraid of startling her. Her newfound boldness seemed to rub off on him. When a round of thunder came bounding through, he saw an opportunity to deepen their kiss as Gwynn gasped at the sound.

The sounds of the storm were somehow adding to the intensity of the strange situation they were already in. What had gotten into them? Gwynn felt as though her heart was so light it was going to fly away, and yet at the same time she could feel it pounding hard in her chest. As Yoosung deepened the kiss, her fingers once more found the back of his hair, tangling in the drying golden locks. The only think she could think of was Yoosung. Everything else was a blur.

Yoosung nibbled at her bottom lip, much like what they had done before. This was almost like a repeat of last time, as though they were meant to pick up where they had left off. One of his hands tangled in her hair while the other snaked around her waist, pulling her closer to him. The blanket slipped from them, forgotten on the hard shed floor.

The way he was nibbling at her lip made her hear flutter and her body heat. She didn’t even miss the blanket, nibbling back at his lip when he pulled her closer. It felt wonderfully freeing to not be so embarrassed about everything. Gwynn almost wanted this kiss to last forever, just like this.

He was starting to feel like he might get carried away a little as his mind began to cloud over with thoughts of her, much like the weather had clouded over outside. Kissing her just felt so good and so right that he couldn’t get enough of it. The warmth and softness of her lips was intoxicating to him. His kiss changed into something a little more demanding and passionate, maybe a bit hungrier by the way he let his tongue rake across her teeth. By now, there was virtually no space left between them.

A soft sound escaped Gwynn as she felt his tongue. It felt like her body was lighting on fire. Now her control had flown right out the window along with her embarrassment. She swirled her tongue with his, sliding a hand down his bare back. It didn’t seem wrong; it just felt good.

The sound that escaped from her mouth sent what felt like a raging fire through Yoosung. It almost felt like it was scorching him from the inside out. He shivered at her touch as she slid her hand along his back, despite how warm he was feeling at that moment. Before he knew what he was doing, he briefly broke the kiss. The hand entangled in her hair went to her waist while the other went to her back, and he managed to gently urge her onto her back on the blanket. Yoosung moved to hover over her, his lips immediately on hers again.

Gwynn was finding it hard to breathe as his lips found hers again, her heart trying to run away from her. Something inside of her she thought she had tossed away came back in full force. She realized where she was, what her body was telling her to do and that Yoosung was on top of her. Oh God, oh God, oh God. It was clear to her now, with as hot as she felt, that she wasn’t just enjoying this she wanted it. Gwynn pressed a hand against his chest, pushing him away and scooting out from under him. “Yoosung…I…” Her entire body was turning red now that she realized what the heat she felt meant. “Y-Yoosung, p-please don’t touch me…”

Yoosung was jolted back to reality when he’d felt Gwynn pushing him away. He watched dumbfounded as she scooted away from him. At her words, all the color drained from his face and he jumped into a sitting position, staring at her with wide eyes. He had gone too far. Yoosung was supposed to be the one protecting her, yet he did something this stupid. His mind hadn’t been clear, and he’d hurt her somehow. “Oh, God, Gwynn…I-I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean…” He bit his lip and looked away, ashamed of himself. In that moment, he was no better than the ‘wolves’ Zen would always rant about.

Her heart seemed to break as she watched him reacting to her words. He looked so ashamed, and it made her feel terrible. “That’s not…” How could she tell him without thinking she was some sort of…she couldn’t even think of a word for it. “You didn’t…It’s just…My body is so hot…I mean…” Gwynn looked away, hugging her legs to herself. “You’re so hot…I mean!” This wasn’t working at all. “I don’t know how to say it…”

His violet eyes searched her lavender ones as she began to talk again. He’d been prepared to be scolded or something, so he certainly hadn’t expected what was currently coming out of her mouth. Was she saying…what he thought she was saying? Oh God…He could feel his face burning a bright red. What does a person even say to that? Yoosung didn’t know what to do, so he just took a page from her book and hugged his legs to himself too, hiding his face in his knees and whimpering a bit.

Was he upset with her? Maybe now he thought she was some sort of…h-horny slut? Gwynn felt her stomach was becoming a dark and heavy pit. “I-I’m sorry…I’ll just…” Just what? Run away? It was storming out there, so that wasn’t a possibility. Was he going to break up with her? “I’ll…stay away from you…okay?” Her voice broke as her heart shattered into pieces at the thought. She wasn’t meant to be with him. He was too perfect for her to have him.

Yoosung lifted his head now to look at her. She wanted to stay away? “W-what? No!” He loudly protested. That was exactly the opposite of what he wanted. Yoosung crawled over towards her until he was sitting right in front of her. “I don’t want you to go anywhere, Gwynn! I love you…” He took a deep breath before talking again. “I uh…I was just getting too…excited. I wasn’t sure what to say…” Yoosung was pretty sure that he was blushing so hard that heat was radiating off his face.

“You mean…you felt the same thing?” Her eyes went wide, and she paused for a moment before she threw her arms around him in a hug. “I love you, Yoosung…Please don’t hate me. I’m sorry I reacted the way I did.” Gwynn felt as though she was going to cry. Just a moment ago her heart had shattered, but Yoosung had put it back together just as quickly.

His arms wrapped tightly around her in response to her hug. “I love you too. I could never hate you.” He pressed a loving kiss to her exposed shoulder. “I’m sorry too…” Any way he looked at it, it was his fault for letting his hormones do the talking for him. Next time he’d just have to be extra careful.

Gwynn stiffened just a little at the kiss on her shoulder. She knew it was perfectly innocent, but she felt herself growing hot all over again. “Um…Yoosung…I still feel…” Gwynn bit at her lip, feeling horribly awkward, and Yoosung quickly jumped away. “O-oh! Sorry!…Did you…still want to have our picnic?” His voice came out sounding horribly nervous. Yoosung felt terribly uncool.

“Yes, great idea.” She nodded quickly before finding the bento box and water bottle he had gotten for her earlier before this whole mess had started. Gwynn watched as he got out the rest of the food, and then she sat across from him in relative silence as they ate. “I…still had a good time, Yoosung.” Gwynn gave him a big smile. As embarrassing as it had all been, she’d managed to get through a few of those barriers, and that was a good thing for their relationship, she thought.


Zen followed the coordinates that Seven had given him, closely holding onto his umbrella to keep from getting too wet as he groaned under his breath. “They should have checked the weather.” The two had been gone much longer than they’d said they would be, and with the weather, the whole RFA had gotten worried. That was when the hacker wunderkind had tried to find them and the others agreed that Zen was the best candidate to go and retrieve the two lovebirds from their anniversary date.

He hesitantly approached a shed that seemingly was where their phones were located. Well, this must be where they’re hiding. Zen thought to himself as he put his phone into his coat pocked before pulling the door open. “Good, I finally found you guys.” His voice sounded mildly irritated as he closed the door behind him to keep out the rain. “Everyone was really worried abo-“ Zen’s eyes adjusted to the low light in the shed and then widened at the sight of the two. “WHAT IS GOING ON?” His voice sounded full of panic. The two were half naked in a shed together!

Without thinking, Yoosung quickly moved to place himself in front of Gwynn, blocking her from the sudden visitor. His eyes were intense, daring the intruder to come closer, and it took him a moment to realize that the voice and figure belonged to Zen. That made him able to relax.

Gwynn made a high pitched squeak sound as she grabbed for the blanket to cover her body up as quickly as she could. Yoosung having seen her in her bra and panties she had come to accept, but not someone else. “N-nothing is going on…It was cold…wet clothes.” She looked to Yoosung to fill in the gaps, her own words not really coming out properly. Her entire face was so red, and her tongue was tied with the embarrassment of it all. Zen had just seen her in her underwear. Gwynn tried to breathe slowly to calm herself down.

Yoosung didn’t move from his position in front of Gwynn even as he heard her wrapping the blanket around herself. “N-nothing happened! We got caught up in the storm is all! It’s freezing, and we couldn’t stay in wet clothes.” Of course Zen would have thought of something else.

Zen didn’t believe Yoosung in the slightest that nothing had happened. As naïve as he was, Yoosung was still a man, and Zen had warned him plenty of times. “I’ve told you about the beast. Please get dressed.” His fingers rubbed at the bridge of his nose. “I’m here to take you both home.” The albino gave Yoosung a look that said I’m disappointed. “He didn’t hurt you, right, Gwynn?”

She shook her head vigorously. “No, of course not. He’s been a perfect gentleman.” Gwynn looked first to Yoosung before peeking over at Zen. “Could you hold up the blanket while I change? …I don’t want him to keep fussing about it.” Yoosung nodded, shooting a quick glare to Zen before doing what Gwynn had asked of him, holding the blanket for her so she could have some privacy as she changed into her damp clothes. He figured that no matter what he said to Zen, the albino wasn’t going to believe him, so he just shook his head and sighed.

Gwynn shivered a little after changing into her clothes, taking the blanket from Yoosung and giving him a kiss on his cheek in thanks. This action just made Zen raise an eyebrow at the two. She had barely even blushed at the kiss. Something had definitely happened. “Hurry up, Yoosung, I want to get home so I can rest.”

Yoosung grumbled but refrained from saying anything, since Zen had come to their rescue, so for that he was thankful. Anything to get them out of the rain and into someplace that was warm. If Gwynn was happy, he was happy. He looked around for his shirt and slipped it back on along with his socks and shoes before he proceeded to repack his backpack.

The events from the day came rushing back to his mind as he zipped the bag up, and he couldn’t help but smile. The date hadn’t gone how they had planned, but it was still something that they would remember for years to come, so that had to count for something. That and he felt…closer to Gwynn than he even had before. The blond hoisted the backpack onto his back and turned to Zen. “We’re ready when you are.”

Zen offered to Gwynn to stand under his umbrella, offering a second umbrella to Yoosung. He wanted to keep the two apart, but Yoosung gave Zen a bit of a dirty look, pulling Gwynn under his umbrella instead. The trip home in Zen’s car was quiet, but Gwynn laid her head on Yoosung’s shoulder, snuggling into him with a smile as she thought of everything that had transpired that day.

She had really had a good time, despite all that had gone wrong, and she felt even closer to her boyfriend than she had before, less nervous about doing something wrong. They would have plenty more opportunities for lovely dates in the future, but this was definitely one to remember.

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Mystic Messenger Fanficton | A Life Well-Lived

I watched for a while as they played, my heart so happy it felt as though it would burst. I got up and joined Yoosung and our two children as we played catch until we all were too tired to continue. What a wonderful life we had together.

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I smiled watching my son Yeong pushing his sister on the swing set in our backyard. Mi-Yeon laughed wildly as her brother pushed her higher and higher. Yoosung brought out some sandwiches and spread the plates on the picnic blanket in front of me.

“Thank you, honey.” I gave him a soft kiss after he sat down.

“Anything for my precious wife.” Yoosung smiled and tilted his head, rubbing the back of it. His smile had never changed, and I hoped that would stay the same.

Yeong was almost eight now, the apple of his father’s eye. He looked exactly like Yoosung had before he had chosen do dye his hair. Mi-Yeon was a little more like me. Although her eyes were violet her hair was a lighter brown like mine. She was nearly five years old and always wore her hair in two curly pigtails on the top of her head. Her laughter was contagious and she really filled a room with joy. Yeong on the other hand was rambunctious and bold, often getting himself into trouble.

“Jump, Mi-Yeon, I’ll catch you.” Yeong had gone around the swing set in front of his sister and held out his arms.

Mi-Yeon shook her head. “I’m scared, Yeong…” She held on to the sides of the swing tightly.

“I promise, I’ll catch you Mi-Yeon. Trust your brother.” Yeong seemed completely confident in his abilities. Still, Yoosung got up and walked towards the swing set, staying just far enough away that he could catch Mi-Yeon if Yeong failed, but not so close that Yeong noticed he was there.

When Mi-Yeon saw her father was ready to help her if Yeong couldn’t do it, she felt much more confident and jumped towards her brother’s arms. My heart stopped, even though I’d seen them do this plenty of times before, but Yeong managed to catch his sister and put her down safely on the ground.

“You’ve got to learn to trust Yeong without me here, Mi-Yeon.” Yoosung picked up our daughter and swung her around. She was his little princess. Our little girl screamed with delight even as Yeong huffed over and plopped onto his butt to eat the sandwiches.

I shook my head. “Wait for your father and sister, Yeong, you know that.” I gave him a pat on the head.

“What if I don’t want to?” He scrunched up his face leaning towards me in challenge.

“Then I guess you’ll have to make lunch tomorrow. Your choice.” I shrugged, giving him the option. He decided to put the sandwiches down.

After having lunch our children went back to playing. Yoosung and I laid down in the grass and I cuddled up to him putting my head on his chest. “I guess we’re getting old if Yeong is starting to rebel.” He chuckled and stroked my hair softly.

“I suppose that’s true.” I smiled and closed my eyes. It was such a beautifully sunny day. “I’m happy I can spend my time growing old with you, Yoosung.” I opened my eyes to see a soft blush on his cheeks. “Can I still make you blush after all this time?” I giggled into my hand.

Yoosung simply smiled and looked up at the sky. “MC, you’ve given me everything I ever could have asked for and more. I couldn’t possibly be happier to have a woman like you at my side as we grow old together.” Now I was the one to feel my cheeks burn a little.

“Just promise me you’ll never stop loving me.” I kissed his cheek and sat up.

“Never.” He sat up with me and leaned in for a kiss.

“Tag! You’re it!” Mi-Yeon laughed as she tapped her dad’s shoulder. He got up immediately to chase after her.

I watched for a while as they played, my heart so happy it felt as though it would burst. I got up and joined Yoosung and our two children as we played catch until we all were too tired to continue. What a wonderful life we had together.


Yeong was every bit as excitable as his father had been, and he also became and avid gamer. After discovering online gaming, MC and Yoosung struggled to teach Yeong that he still needed to have an appreciation for the outside world.

It was only after he met his future wife that he would come to understand this importance while in college. In many ways, Yoosung and MC were reminded of their own situation. Yeong and his girlfriend came to share an interest in gaming, although she was able to get him out of the house to join her in her sports.

His wife became a national sports sensation, retiring from ice-skating at the age of twenty-five. Her name was Sala, an Italian figure skater he had met completely by chance. Yeong would end up winning several gaming competitions and conventions while in college which prompted him to take up a career in game development. He and Sala had two sons, fraternal twins. These were Yoosung and MC’s first and second grandchildren.

Mi-Yeon would grow up to take over the family non-profit hospital working alongside her father from her graduation from Sky University until he retired about twenty years later.

She would always laugh the loudest but also cry the hardest wherever the situation arose. Mi-Yeon always filled a room with warmth as though she exuded sunshine itself and was considered one of the most beautiful girls in school all through her learning. She threw herself into her learning, however, even beating her father’s record by one week of obtaining a PH.D. the most quickly.

Mi-Yeon eventually married the owner of one of her patients that had gotten into an accident and been blinded. Through the several surgeries and recovery therapies the dog had to go through, she developed a bond with the owner and they got married. The two had one child, a daughter, Yoosung and MC’s third grandchild.

Yoosung and MC lived a full life together with their children and grandchildren visiting frequently. They continued their work with the RFA until they reached middle-age when they decided to pass on the job to their children and the other members’ children, including Zen and Jaehee’s son; Jumin’s adopted daughter, Elizabeth; and Saeran and Siriu’s daughter, Orion. V and Saeyoung stepped down without offering a replacement, but the group was able to continue the RFA’s work.

At the age of seventy-three, Yoosung contracted pneumonia after falling into a  frozen pond in the park. MC was with him as he passed away, but she died three days later of cardiac arrest. It would forever be said that she died of a broken heart. The two were buried next to each other and reunited in death.

In the forty years that Yoosung and MC worked for the animal hospital they were able to successfully treat and care for over a million animals successfully. They raised over .5 billion dollars for various causes through the RFA parties of the twenty years they worked for the RFA. Their lives were happy and they brought their own special magic into the world, just like Yoosung had always wanted to do.

***Edited to add***

After Elizabeth the 3rd passed away, Jumin was pretty torn up inside and finding it hard to function in his life. While on a business trip he met a young child in the streets. Her hair was pure white and her eyes were large and ocean-blue. He found out that she was from a nearby orphanage and adopter her, naming her Elizabeth.

Seven was in love with MC, but for his best friend’s sake never acted on those feelings. Being the fun uncle was his favorite part of life as he played with all the RFA children. He and Yeong had a special relationship and he considered Seven to be like a second father to him.

V was never able to find love again. He spent the rest of his life traveling and doing photography all over the world. In all his time he was never able to find a person who filled his heart with the love that Rika had once given him.

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Mystic Messenger Yoosung Character Development

As promised, I will be answering your questions from the giveaway! The winner of the giveaway was Hannah Northrop chosen by random generator. A huge thank you to everyone who participated! So let’s talk about Yoosung the sweet little cinnamon roll.

With all of my character development I like to start by selecting what I consider to be the biggest traits or values of a particular character, which for Yoosung I considered to be compassion. He, like me, is a pisces and they are highly emotional, quick to laugh and quick to cry. I’m actually only two days younger than Yoosung, whose birthday is March 14th, 1995.

Reading the after ending reveals that Yoosung still has his compassionate and sweet nature, but he has clearly grown at this point. He’s more mature at this point, but still a cute little cinnamon roll, so I wanted to make sure to keep that throughout the Fanfiction.

My MC had to be a sweet girl with a strength that can inspire Yoosung to continue his growth. The MC for Yoosung needed to push him without putting undue pressure on him.

From here, I like to go through the minor personality traits such as his masochism and yandere tendencies. I wanted to find a way to represent these in smaller portions, so I introduced Shio and minor jealousies with Zen. I decided to incorporate the masochism into the R-Rated portion.

The character development for Yoosung in R-Rated scenes I imagined him as a dominant, since he appears to be so innocent and no knowledgeable about such things on the outward side, it only seemed natural to me that he would want to disprove his innocence/that he really was a dominant personality when not being bogged down by the opinions of others. As dominant he is able to torture himself by going as slow as he likes, though this does occasionally get shoved to the side. As an added bonus, I added a kink of sound for Yoosung. I intend to add an additional kink to each character when I write more MM characters


So onto your questions!

ipikachustuff asked “What got you into wrinting Fanfiction?” The answer to that question is Fred Weasley’s death. I’m a Harry Potter nerd-a-tron and I just had to create an alternate reality in which Fred survives. So that’s what got me started!

jayde437 asked me a bunch of awesome questions. “Will you be writing for every RFA member eventually?” Absofruitly I will! I am going to finish the casual route characters first, moving on to JaeheexMC first since there isn’t much Baehee content. Then I will move to deep story, and finally to the non-route characters.

“Which has been your favorite part to write so far?” My Christmas chapter was my absolute favorite just because of the family tension, “When are you gonna have a baby?” Just made me laugh so much since it’s so similar to what many people experience at holidays with their own families.

“Who is your favorite character?” I actually have a lot of trouble answering that question because I love each of the characters for different reasons. If I really have to choose, I’d have to say my favorite character is MC from a writing standpoint because I can change her to fit each member perfectly for beautiful relationships. ❤

Final question, SammyJaHe asked me where I get my inspiration. There are a lot of places where I gather inspiration. My favorite is fanart, which is one thing I have no skill at creating myself, but there are so many idea-rich art talents in our fandom and I love looking through their work and often get ideas by doing so. In fact, artist Resiove inspired two of my chapters for YoosungxMC. I do also get my own ideas or inspirations from the world around me and my personal experiences.


So that’s my character development for Yoosung! The final chapter should be coming out tomorrow or Sunday and then I will take a week off to prepare for JaeheexMC. I will be working on my character development during this time as well as my dating sim book following the Norse Gods with five date-able characters including Loki and Thor. I hope you’ve enjoyed YoosungxMC, a printed version including never before seen chapters and ending stories for the other characters will be gifted to anyone that donates $15 or more.

Look for the last chapter coming soon!

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Get Out

“I just don’t feel comfortable with her taking care of Yeong anymore.” I leaned against the kitchen island.

“Okay. Anything for you, MC.” He kissed my forehead.

-By reading the following work containing NSFW scenes, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to view explicit content and absolve FanfictionConnection and its admins of any legal ramifications.-

Jessica would be coming home with Yeong from the park in the next half hour or so, but Yoosung was still playing LOLOL on his computer. I patted my stomach, the new little life that would be joining us made me feel even more happy in my home. But we had to fire Jessica today.

Yoosung hadn’t seemed to understand what I was talking about when I mentioned how attached she was to him. “She makes googly eyes at you. When we announced our new pregnancy didn’t you even notice how upset she seemed to be?”

“What? She can’t possibly be interested in me. I’m married.” He had furrowed his brows at me.

“I just don’t feel comfortable with her taking care of Yeong anymore.” I leaned against the kitchen island.

“Okay. Anything for you, MC.” He kissed my forehead. “And you.” He rested his hand over the baby. “I am excited to meet you, too.”

I came up behind him rubbing his neck gently. Yoosung smiled and leaned into my hands. Then he jumped up and put his headset on the keyboard. “I’m so sorry! I lost track of time.”

“That’s alright, we still have ten minutes or so until they come back.” I smiled and gave him a soft kiss. “What should we do until then?”

“I don’t know. I’m a little stressed about firing her.” Yoosung pushed a lock of my hair behind my ear and leaned over to whisper in my ear. “I could use some stress relief.”

I blushed but pulled him closer anyway. “You think we have time?” My mind raced, Yoosung always liked to take his time, mostly because the time it took was torture from him. “Never mind, I think I have an idea.”

I nibbled at his lip, teasing a little with my tongue from time to time. We didn’t have time for much, so instead we would have to satisfy ourselves with this.

He caught on quickly, like he always did, his fingers curling around the nape of my neck as his other hand pressed against my buttock. I could feel him getting more and more excited as his honey taste filled my mouth.

The door opened and we stepped apart our squealing toddler making a mad dash for Yoosung’s legs. “Papa!”

Yoosung picked him up with ease and Jessica stood there with a depressed look in her eyes. She’d clearly seen us through the window. Jessica flipped her long red hair behind her and walked up to Yoosung. “I think Yeong really missed his papa.” She bit her lip and rolled her shoulders back, clearly trying to show off her chest to my husband.

Yoosung bounced Yeong in his arms. “I bet you missed your mama too, huh, buddy?”

Yeong nodded and Yoosung passed him to me. “How about we go to the other room and you can tell me about how much fun you had with Jessica at the park.”

“Mama, I found a really nice rock.” He eagerly reached for the pocket of his overalls as I took him to his room, our former guest room.

Yoosung sighed watching MC walk away and then turned to Jessica. She was playing with her hair for some reason and he raised an eyebrow before shrugging his shoulders. “So, Jessica. I need to talk to you about something important.”

“Oh? Without your wife here?” Jessica’s green eyes sparkled as she put her hand on Yoosung’s chest.

He took her hand off his chest. “Well, she was in on the decision, and although I don’t understand her reasoning, I’m afraid we’re going to have to let you go.”

“What do you mean let me go?” She was already yelling.

Yoosung furrowed his brows. He had expected her to be upset but not that she would would be yelling at him.

Jessica put her hand back on his chest leaning into him now. “But, please Mr. Kim, I love you so much and I can’t bear to not see you again.”

His brows furrowed. “Well, the family loves you, too, Jessica, but it’s best that you find a new job now that you’ll be graduating from college.”

“That’s not what I meant!” She pushed him onto the couch and crawled on top of him.

“What is happening?” I walked out to see Yoosung, eyes wide with confusion, trying to push off a very angry Jessica who now turned to give me a look of victory.

“What do you think?” She smirked.

“It’s not what it looks like, honey, I swear. She pushed me onto the couch for some reason!” Yoosung was actually getting a little frantic, his cheeks filling with red blush in ways they hadn’t for a long time, since he was much younger.

I knew Yoosung was completely innocent. He had never seemed able to notice all the looks he got from women passing through the animal hospital let alone the one’s from Jessica. “It looks like assault to me.” I raised an eyebrow at my former babysitter. Yoosung let out a huge sigh of relief.

“What?” A lightbulb seemed to turn on over Jessica’s head. “No, I just got excited telling him about the baby we’re going to have.” She turned to a once again confused Yoosung. “Don’t deny our relationship. Tell her.”

“Are you really trying to convince me to walk out on my clearly innocent husband? You really are something, Jessica. Get out of my house.” I think even Yoosung was surprised at my reaction.

“What…I…” Jessica stood up looking between me and Yoosung, who was only looking at me. She started to cry and ran out the door.

“Well, Yoosung. You have grown into a heart breaker.” I smirked and crossed my arms.

He pushed himself up from the couch. “I swear, MC, I’ve never even done so much as look at anyone else.” He stood there awkwardly but I stepped up to him, kissing him deeply to close the gap.

“Trust me, I know.” I smiled up at him. “Yeong was so tired that he’s already asleep. I think we could get back to what we were doing.”

“Are…you sure you’re up for it.” He was always so careful with me, especially with the pregnancies.

“Definitely.” I bit his chin gently.

His fingers once again found their way to the back of my neck as he kissed me deeply.

I kissed him back, biting at his lip before pulling away to yank him to the bedroom. Yoosung pulled his wrist out of my hand and leaned against the doorway. “You know, I think I’d like to see you undress for me.”

I could already see his hardness pressing against he fabric of his pants. He was enjoying it already. I blushed, feeling a little giddy as I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. Yoosung was always patient. He watched me, his violet eyes dark and hungry.

“It’s starting to hurt isn’t it?” I pulled off my bra slowly and turned around before pulling my underwear down slowly.

“Definitely.” He wrapped his arms around me from behind, his lips finding my shoulder and kissing slowly up to my neck. His hardness pressed against my buttock as his fingers massaged my breasts, electricity sizzling through me. Everywhere he touched me was burning.

“I love the sounds you make.” He whispered against my skin as he bit my pulse.

I gasped leaning into him. His bite leaving a mark that throbbed in time with my frantic heartbeat. He spun me around and pushed me gently to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Don’t think it’s fair if I stay clothed.” He winked and pulled his shirt over his head. I wasn’t about to let him have all the fun. I wasn’t patient like he was.

I pulled Yoosung toward me by sliding my finger into his belt loop. I squeezed the hard bulge of his pants and he grunted, biting his lip. “I love your sounds, too.” I told him as I undid his pants and pulled down his boxers.

His hand found my hair and pulled my head back gently as he pushed me down to lay on the bed, staying standing in front of me. I bit my lip hard. “You’re going to do that again?”

“You don’t want me to?” He tilted his head at me. Yoosung knew as well as I did that my body was burning up. He slid his fingers down my legs and he picked up my legs, wrapping them around his own waist so that he was pressed against me.

I needed him, there was nothing else I could do to make the fire stop burning me. “Please, Yoosung.”

He smiled and had mercy on me, he was slow as always. I tightened my legs around him as he filled me up. I cried out in pleasure which only made him bolder. He picked up the pace each stroke made my mind go blank.

I gripped the sheets, my every cell was starting to cry out for release. “Yoosung…”

He tightened his grip on my legs, sending a shock through me once more and making me tighten around him. “MC…”

The coil inside my body was so tight I thought I was going to burst. “Please.” I bit into my lip hard, burying a hand in my hair.

He picked up the pace as he bit his own lip. Finally he pressed forward as the flames burned through us both. He dug his fingers deep into my thighs as he bent his head back.

When the fire finally went down, we were both panting. Yoosung laid down next to me, but I was too tired to move.

“You aren’t gonna cuddle up to me?” He was pouting at me now.

“I don’t think I’m capable…” A blush crept up my neck from my embarrassment.

“That’s no good.” Yoosung grabbed a blanket and pulled it over us, snuggling into my side. “You shouldn’t let me tire you out like that. Let’s rest until Yeong wakes up.”

“Okay.” I smiled and nuzzled my face into his hair.

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Happy Birthday

He wrapped his arms around me. “I’m so sorry. I should have been awake sooner…I should have heard you.” Yoosung held me tight, his other hand gently stroking our son’s cheek in awe. “He’s so beautiful.”

***Special thanks to ipikachustuff one of my super fans, and the other super fans who suggested names. I love all my fans, just saying. I particularly liked this name because it starts with the letter Y like appa Yoosung and means a person with courage. This little guy is going to be something special. No this chapter does not depict a graphic explanation of birth, although it does mention the pain.

I will be taking a couple days off for New Years, so the next chapter should be coming on Tuesday. The character development chapter and answering of reader questions will be posted this coming Friday along with the winner of the giveaway, which you can still enter until 11p.m. on January 1st MST.***

*Read the Previous Chapters*

“Yoosung?” He was fast asleep. I closed my eyes and tried not to focus on the pain I was feeling. You can only prepare yourself so much for what contractions would feel like, but I was completely surprised by the pain.

I figured I would just let him sleep for now. The doctor had said that most likely it would take several hours of contractions before we entered active labor anyway. With whatever time I had left, maybe I should walk around the house a little and clean the kitchen. There wasn’t much reason not to.


Yoosung came out of the bedroom looking confused. MC hadn’t been next to him when he woke, so he figured she had gone for ice cream, but then he heard cries of pain and hopped out of bed, running out into the living room.

“MC, are you alright?” She was on the floor and his mind was instantly racing. Was the baby coming? Should he go get the car? A tub of hot water? What?

“It’s okay…I’m just…” I cried out in pain again wanting to buckle over. “I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a baby pretty soon…”

He bent down beside me and pushed my hair behind my ears. I had been sweating so it was sticking to my forehead. “Do you need me to get the car?”

I grabbed his forearm and squeezed so hard he was the one nearly buckling over. “I don’t think we have time.”

“What?” Now he was panicking. His violet eyes searched my face, hoping I was kidding, but I wasn’t. I really should have woken him up earlier when I had the chance. He hopped up and away from me, “No, no, we have to get the car.” He started to put on his coat and struggled as he basically put it on inside out to find the keys, which turned out not to be in his pocket.

“Just a minute!” His voice why higher pitched than usual. If I hadn’t been in so much pain I probably would have been laughing at him. He jumped around everywhere searching every coat we owned and making a pile on the floor.

“Yoosung! Get over here, now.” I was done. “This is happening, and it’s happening here. You do this with animals all the time, you have a medical degree.”

He stared at me for a few seconds, completely frozen. “But…that’s animals…” He had completely reverted to his younger self it seemed.

“Yoosung…please…” I squeezed my eyes shut, it was hurting so badly.

“Okay…” He whispered to himself, “Okay.”

He was back with me again, kissing my forehead and holding my hand. “It’s going to be okay. You can do this, alright?”


“He looks like you…” A little brown haired boy was sleeping soundly in my arms. Just a moment before he had been crying, his big violet eyes just like his father’s had melted my heart instantly. I didn’t understand how anyone could love someone this much.

“I’ve called the doctor and let her know…She’s coming over with a few nurses to make sure you’re alright, but I’ve checked your vitals and the both of you should be fine.” He was still in doctor mode. It was amazing enough to see him at work, but I felt cared for.

“Thank you, Yoosung.” I took his hand gently and he looked at the two of us, snapping out of his doctor mode almost instantly.

He wrapped his arms around me. “I’m so sorry. I should have been awake sooner…I should have heard you.” Yoosung held me tight, his other hand gently stroking our son’s cheek in awe. “He’s so beautiful.”

“Isn’t he? Just like his papa.” I leaned into him as I tried to keep my eyes open.

“You should rest until the doctor comes. I’ll go let the others know. If they’re even awake.” He helped me to the bed and picked up our son, snuggling him into his arm awkwardly. He’d clearly never held a newborn before. Yoosung stared at our son for a good minute before looking back to me with tears in his eyes. “I guess I leveled up, huh?”

“You sure did.” He looked so young again like he had when I’d first met him. My heart was so full looking at my two boys. “What you did took a lot of courage.” I smiled at him.

“Courage? You had more than I did.” Our son fussed a little and a moment of fear crossed his face as he rocked and shushed our little one.

“Let’s name him Yeong…” I mumbled through my yawn.

“Yeong…” Yoosung smiled. “That’s perfect. Happy birthday, Yeong.”




“You are so perfect.” I cooed to Yeong as I played with his tiny fingers. He looked at me as though he was confused, but that was just even cuter.

“You’re making me jealous.” Yoosung pouted and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Paying so much attention to him and so little to me.”

“Oh hush, honey.” I laughed. “You know I love you more. But Yeong needs a lot of attention for a while, don’t you?” Yeong flapped his arms in response.

Yoosung sighed and nodded. “But she’s mine, you hear me?” Yeong just cooed and Yoosung laughed.

The doorbell rang and Yeong startled, flinging his hands to either side and making us laugh even more.

Yoosung hopped out of bed and led the group of our friends and family into the room. There was also a stranger with them, which was interesting. She had long, curly red hair and piercing green eyes.

Jumin was the first to speak, indicating the strange, “Congratulations. This is Jessica. She will be your nanny for the next two weeks as my gift.”

“Hello.” She smiled meekly with an American accent, her voice was very soft and airy. “I can cook, clean, and change diapers as well as help with feedings.”

“Thank you, Jumin and Jessica, that will be really helpful.” Yoosung nodded to both of them, making Jessica turn as red as her hair.

“Saeran and I brought you these!” Seven plopped a bunch of baby outfits onto the bed. They had saying such as “Future Hacker, 707’s Nephew, and The New 404” on them.

“Those are interesting.” I laughed. Yeong tried to grab one and ended up grasping the one that said, “Uncle Seven is Cooler than Daddy.”

Yoosung carefully extracted the outfit from Yeong’s hand and tossed it into the garbage. Seven’s jaw dropped open and Saeran just laughed, “You deserved that.”

Jaehee, Zen, and V nodded their agreement, Jumin didn’t seem to care and Jessica was already babbling baby talk to Yeong.

“Do you think…I could hold him?” V asked, looking first to Yoosung and then to me.

“Of course.” Yoosung carefully took Yoosung from me and placed him in V’s arms, still a little awkward with him, and explained how to hold Yeong properly.

Zen frowned, “I think he’s cuter than me…”

“I don’t think that’s possible, though he is very cute.” Jaehee smiled, playing with Yeong’s fingers just like I had earlier. “What is his name?”

“Yeong.” I smiled and laid my head against Yoosung’s shoulder.

Jumin nodded. “That sounds like a good choice. I trust the doctor I recommended was of good help during delivery?”

“Um…” Yoosung and I both gave each other a look and he explained. “Actually, I was the one to help MC with delivery.”

Almost everyone’s faces drained of color, although Jumin seemed to become a little hostile. “Excuse me? Was the doctor so incompetent? Jaehee, have her fired at once.”

“No, no! We just weren’t able to get to the hospital…so we had to have the baby here.” I hurried to explain.

“Yes, the doctor came here to check on us afterwards and was excellent.” Yoosung laced his fingers in with mine. “MC was absolutely amazing.”

“Amazing is right.” Jaehee’s eyes were wide and she pushed up her glasses.

“Talk about having grown up, Yoosung. No way would I ever have imagined you could do any of this.” Zen was equally amazed.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence, Zen.” Yoosung frowned.

“That’s not what I meant!” Zen turned white.

“Careful, Yandere Yoosung will try to beat you up again. Like he did at the party for catching MC.” Seven winked and stuck out his tongue.

“You did what?” I side-eyed my husband.

“I did nothing. I was just worried about you.” He started to blush a little. “I don’t even know what Seven means.”

“Riiight.” Saeran drew out the vowel sound exaggeratedly and rolled his eyes.

“Thank you all for coming, but we should really get some more rest.” Yoosung stood up and started pushing them all out the door. Except for Jessica who carefully took Yeong from V.

“How rude.” Jumin mumbled.

“Well, they are tired.” Zen shrugged, clearly not wanting to get beat up. Yoosung had after all beaten the crap out of that Shio guy years before so even he with his daily exercises was at risk of getting his beautiful face torn to shreds.

“I think it is best to let them rest for now.” Jaehee nodded in agreement.

“I just wanna get back in there and hold my baby!” Seven lamented and Saeran raised his hand as though to smack him but pulled it away at the last second.

“You’re dumb.” He muttered under his breath.

“The RFA just keeps getting more interesting.” V smiled and gave a soft snort.

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | He or She?

He walked around the island and took my chin in his hand, “I’d be happy no matter what. It’s our baby, our Christmas wish come true.” He kissed me gently before leaning against the island himself. “It’s just all the more real now. We’re going to be raising a baby together.”

I tried to push myself out of bed but it just wasn’t working. I guessed I’d have to call him over, there wasn’t much else to do. We needed to get ready for our doctor’s appointment anyway. I picked up my phone and dialed. He answered almost immediately.

“What is it? Is everything alright?” His voice seemed a little more tense than usual. He was almost always like that when I called him now. It wouldn’t be too much longer before our baby was going to be here, so I understood a little.

“I can’t get out of bed…” I mumbled, a little embarrassed.

“What?” I could practically see him furrowing his brows in my mind’s eye.

“I’m too…round. I can’t get out of bed to get dressed for the appointment.” It really was embarrassing. I couldn’t believe we were already so close to meeting our baby, but I was getting more dependent on his help every day, and it made me feel bad.

“Oh! I’ll be right there.”He hung up and was there in our room just a moment later. “I thought you were going into labor or something.” Yoosung had a slight blush on his face as he took off his glasses that he now used as reading glasses only. I shook my head at him as he helped me out of bed carefully.

“I know it’s getting close to that, but really, Yoosung, it’s not happening yet.” I sighed at his silliness.

“Right, right. I’m just nervous.” He kissed my forehead gently and bent to kiss my belly. “Are you a boy or a girl, huh?” He poked at my stomach and made me giggle.

“You’re so silly. Everything will be fine. We have an excellent doctor, and the baby is perfectly healthy.” I patted his head gently as though he were a dog only to be rewarded with his grumpy face.

“I know. I just worry. Everything is going to be different.” He sat on the edge of the bed as I got dressed.

“Well, not everything. We’ll still love each other won’t we?” I tilted my head at him.

“Of course.” He smiled and tilted his own head rubbing the back of it, “My precious girl, I could never do anything else.”


“They sure seem excited.” I put my phone on the kitchen island.

Yoosung was bouncing up and down, his face aglow with the biggest smile I think I’d ever seen. He was wearing his new “Daddy’s Cooking” apron and practically performing a dance routine as he cooked.

“I think you’re a little excited?” I nearly started laughing, but stifled the laugh with my hand.

“A little?” He gave me a broad smile and leaned over the island to give me a kiss. “I couldn’t be happier.”

A thought struck me and I played a little with my phone case. We’d gotten matching cases, a photo of us at our first RFA party from the magazines. He looked so different than he once had, not just because he didn’t have a bandage eye patch. I nibbled at my lip.

“What’s wrong, dear?” Yoosung’s mood stilled a little as he noticed my behavior.

“Nothing, I just…Would you have been this happy if the baby was a girl?” I looked into his eyes and found confusion there.

“Of course I would.” He smiled once more.

“But you seem so excited now. I thought that was because it’s a boy.” It was my turn to look confused.

He walked around the island and took my chin in his hand, “I’d be happy no matter what. It’s our baby, our Christmas wish come true.” He kissed me gently before leaning against the island himself. “It’s just all the more real now. We’re going to be raising a baby together.”

“We really are.” For a moment I felt nauseous and fearful, but I looked at him again and felt calm. I couldn’t possibly have chosen a better partner. He would be an excellent father. “I love you.”

He laughed. “I love you, too.”


“Yoosung?” I struggled to roll over to face him as he grumbled, waking up slowly.

“What is it?” He rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“What are we going to name him?” I leaned my cheek onto my hand.

“Well, I don’t know.” He sat up in bed. “Something…intelligent and kind like you.” Yoosung stretched and laid down once more. “Why do you ask now? It’s almost 3 a.m.” He gave me a stern look, but mostly he just looked cute. “You should be resting.”

“I can’t seem to fall asleep.” I picked at my blanket. He watched me for a few minutes before taking my hand away and fitting his fingers into mine.

“What’s wrong?” He kissed my hand gently, the action so simple and yet soothing.

“I’m just scared…of everything. What if the baby takes up too much time in our lives and we never get to be together anymore? What if something goes wrong? What if you…” My voice trailed off.

“What if I?” He tilted his head at me.

“What if you don’t find me attractive anymore.” I whimpered, I knew my feelings were childish. We’d gone over most of my complaints and worries plenty of times, but somehow I couldn’t make the thoughts go away.

Yoosung took my cheek in his hand kissing me gently. He was pure honey as always, sweet and delicious but with a rich flavor that never seemed to leave my mouth. When he pulled away he gently kissed my forehead.

“Wh-what was that for?” I touched my lower lip gently. He was so bold in comparison to his younger self.

“To prove to you that I love you and find you attractive. Like I always will.” He smiled and stroked my hair a little. “You are my precious girl and you always will be. No matter what we face in life, no matter what changes we go through, I’ll be here loving you.” He winked. “In every way.”

“Don’t be dirty.” He was making me blush.

“Alright. But just believe me, alright?” He laid back down and pulled his blanket up over both of us, cuddling close.

I nodded, snuggling into him as much as I could with my large belly. “Okay…I will.”

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Hard to Hide

“You know, the others would call you a baby if they heard you say that.” He was really flustering me, my heart beating too fast.

“MC, I am most definitely not a baby.” He rubbed my stomach and kissed my cheek, “The baby is here. It has grown a little.”

He was still sleeping soundly, breathing softly. I closed my eyes once more, listening to that soft sound and stroking his hand gently, before removing it from my stomach and placing it to the side. I didn’t want to take him, but I needed some ice cream.

I opened the freezer and grabbed my favorite, caramel and chocolate, and took a spoon from the drawer. The party was coming soon, and I was already showing in almost everything I owned. It wasn’t so difficult to keep the news from the other members considering we rarely got together except for holidays or events, but, they would most certainly see it at the party. We wouldn’t be announcing our pregnancy so much as revealing it.

The ice cream was silky smooth and the cold temperature helped me center myself a little. It wouldn’t be long before my pregnancy entered the second trimester. My stomach was well rounded by this point.

It always made Yoosung smile in the morning as he would kiss us both before we took off for work. At night, he’d place his hand on my stomach and whisper to the baby, “Papa loves you, and sleep well.” He was simply so sweet.

I heard soft footfalls behind me and he placed his hand on my shoulder. He was rubbing the sleep from his right eye. “Nnn, Honey, what are you eating?”

“I’m sorry, dear, did I wake you? It’s just ice cream…I felt like eating it.” He looked so cute like that.

“Ice cream? At this hour.” He raised his eyebrow at me.

“Well, the baby and I needed some, I suppose.” I smiled at him, “Please go to bed. Your recovery is important.”

“They already removed my bandage and cleared me to stop wearing my glasses. My recovery is over.” He sat on the stool next to me, wrapping his arms around waist, his fingers splaying over our baby.

“Didn’t you hear me?” He was flustering me now, the blush already rising to my cheeks.

“Mmm? I did.” He nuzzled my neck. “But the bedside next to me will be empty.”

“You know, the others would call you a baby if they heard you say that.” He was really flustering me, my heart beating too fast.

“MC, I am most definitely not a baby.” He rubbed my stomach and kissed my cheek, “The baby is here. It has grown a little.”

“A little?” Somehow he had found the real reason I was out here eating ice cream. “We won’t be announcing our pregnancy so much as everyone else will be noticing it.”

“Why are you so stressed over such a simple thing?” His brows furrowed a little as he tried to understand in his sleepy state. His clouded eye was mostly returned to its former vibrancy and he looked into my eyes deeply, as he always did when he wanted to understand my feelings.

“There’s just…something so personal about this to me. I’m carrying our baby, our child, and it feels like it should be us telling the world and not the world finding out.” I poked at the ice cream a little with my spoon. “Maybe I am just being overly sensitive about it.”

He shook his head and pressed his lips to the side of my head in the sweetest of kisses that made my heart melt instantly. “Precious wife, your feelings matter. They will always matter, even if you’re crying about the fact that Lisa can’t eat gourmet cat food like when she was staying with Jumin.”

“I asked you not to talk about that time!” He was actually helping to lift my spirit as we both laughed a little at my silly hormones.

I smiled at him and pulled him into a hug. “How do you always do that?”

“What?” He was a little confused, but didn’t push me away, he never pushed me away.

“Find out my true feelings and then make the pain fly away just as quickly.” I pulled back to look him in the eyes.

“I don’t know.” He frowned and then tilted his head with a smile. “I guess I do it for my precious wife. I’ll find a way to let you be the one to tell them.”


“Do you see this?” I turned to the side to show him. Black was supposed to be slimming but even though the skirt was made of loose chiffon fabric, my bump was still visible. At least the long sleeve top curved down to show my collarbones made me feel attractive, but I had really been hoping to be able to hide my pregnancy in this dress.

“Hm? MC, you look…amazing.” His eyes twinkled a little as he kissed my forehead.

“That’s not what I meant…I meant the baby belly…It’s just big enough that it makes it obvious.” I frowned, putting my hand over top of my stomach.

He furrowed his brows for a moment and then threw a finger in the air as though a light bulb had popped on over his head. “I have just the thing!” He hopped into our closet and took out a large black shawl.

“Where did you get that?” I raised an eyebrow. My husband bringing women’s clothing into our home was a little strange.

“Seven left it here the other night, when you were visiting Siriu and we played LOLOL together. He decided to cross dress, because…well, Seven, and he ended up leaving this behind.” He held it out to me. “You can hold the shawl over your arms and keep an arm out over your stomach until you’re ready to tell everyone.”

“That’s…an incredibly good idea.” I tried it and it worked perfectly. “Wow, you are amazing!”

His eyes were sparkling as I praised him. His boyish charm made me giggle and I kissed him softly. “You really are.”

“Thank you. Now, let’s get going?”


The party went flawlessly. No one suspected a thing as I said goodbye to all of our guests at the door. The others had already begun to clean up. By the time the last guest had left, my feet were burning, though.

“Are you alright, MC?” Zen came over to me, concern on his face, and offered me his arm. “You look a little pale.”

I felt dizzy and exhausted, I really did need to sit. They would have forced me to go home early if they’d known, but maybe I really should have.

“MC?” I heard Yoosung, but my vision was a little blurry. I started to fall forward as my vision went black.


A familiar voice met my ears, but I couldn’t quite place it. Definitely female, and incredibly haughty. I opened my eyes slowly and peeked over to see the nurse we so often ran into talking to the others.

“She is going to be fine. She just needs some rest.” Her face turned a little colder than usual. “Your wife really needs to be more careful in her condition. She could have seriously harmed herself.”

Yoosung’s heart seemed like it was rending in two. His face was a dark mask as he looked at the floor. His teeth were tugging at his lip, almost as though he was hurting himself on purpose.

“Yoosung?” I groaned and pushed myself up on the hospital bed into a seated position.

“MC!” There was a collective cry of my name as the RFA crowded around me. Yoosung grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips.

“MC…I should have kept a closer eye on you. I’m so sorry…I’ve failed as a man, doctor, husband, and father…” I could tell he was on the verge of tears.

I took his face in my hands. “I’m fine, Yoosung. It’s not your fault. I should have been more careful not to tire myself.” I kissed him gently.

“Wait…” Zen was making the exact same face as his shocked emoji in the chat.

“Did he just say, what I think he said?” V raised an eyebrow.

Even though Saeran had moved himself into the corner even he had a look of interest and surprise on his face.

“I’m going to be an uncle!!!!” Seven started skipping around the room, much to Jaehee’s chagrin.

She pushed her glasses back up onto her nose. “I am very surprised. Congratulations, MC.”

Jumin frowned. “Yes, congratulations.” The room seemed a little icy as he spoke. “You really should be more careful with your body, especially if you really are pregnant. The RFA needs to have its members in the best of shape.”

“That’s awfully cold, Jumin.” V remarked with a frown. “You should be concerned with her feelings as well.”

Jumin just continued to frown as he gave Yoosung a look. “Be careful with her. Her safety and health were entrusted to you when she chose your route.”

Yoosung looked so crestfallen as he replied. “I know.”

“Stop it.” I wasn’t having it. “This isn’t Yoosung’s fault. It was my idea not to tell you before. I should have said something when I started to get tired. I don’t expect any of you to be perfect, and you shouldn’t expect that of each other either.”

Everyone seemed a little shocked at my frustration. Jumin bowed his head. “I see. Be more careful, MC. I apologize, Yoosung.”

“You’re really alright, MC?” Jaehee stepped forward to feel my forehead. She always seemed very good at caring for others.

Yoosung moved her hand away and put his own hand on my forehead instead. “Please don’t scare me like that again.” He wrapped his arms around me tight. “I can’t lose you, ever.”

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Our Wish

I finally showed him the photo, holding it up in his face. “Know why I haven’t come to the hospital in two days?”

He took the photo, barely glancing at it in favor of checking me over, frowning, “No, why?”

“Baby Yoosung.” I smiled widely at him.

“I’m not a baby. What is going on?”

***This scene contains direct quotes from Yoosung’s After Ending. Some scenes from this chapter are inspired by the art of Resiove, whom I found on Facebook, but you can also find their work on deviantart. I have been given permission to include Resiove’s idea. I absolutely love their art and you should head over and give them a like/follow.***

-By reading the following work containing NSFW scenes, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to view explicit content and absolve FanfictionConnection and its admins of any legal ramifications.-

I’d just gotten back from my doctor’s appointment with a picture tucked into my purse. I stood in front of the mirror sideways, putting my hands on my belly. Our baby was in there. It made me feel giddy in a completely new way. Yoosung was going to be so happy. As I was leaving the house I grabbed his new glasses. He’d broken his again, but his final surgery was this Friday, so he certainly wasn’t going to get himself new glasses.

I made my way to the animal hospital greeting the secretary on my way into his office and knocked softly on his office door.

“Huh? Oh, you’re here!” He looked up from his patient reports, sans glasses, and smiled, tilting his head. Lisa jumped off his lap looking a little frustrated. “Hello, precious wife. Not many patients today. Lisa had just fallen asleep on my lap before you came in. Lisa really missed you, since you didn’t come to the hospital for two days. Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, thank you. Here, I bought you these.” I put the glasses on him and he laughed a little.

“Another new pair? My surgery is on Friday so I won’t need them soon. I’ve closed the hospital for the next month already.”

“Doesn’t matter, you need your glasses.” I kissed his nose and he blushed a little.

“Hey, not at work.” He smiled and tilted his head, rubbing the back of it.”You know, if you do things like that at work, I have to make you cringe. I can’t wait to see you with both of my eyes. You’re so pretty now, that you’ll be twice as pretty with two eyes!”

“That’s impossible.” I bit at my lip a little and took a step away, but he pulled me into his arms so I was standing between his legs.

“What do you mean it’s impossible, sweetie? According to medicine I’ve studied, You can think whaetever you want when in love. I’m right you know, as the fastest to get my PH.D.” His face became serious as he looked up at me.

“I know it must have been hard for you because of my eye…but Thank you for being by my side without complaint. I got through everything because of you. They say that a man’s life depends on a woman.”

I tried to pull away as my face started to grow hot. “Now you really are making me cringe. Of course, I stayed with you, I love you.”

He didn’t let go, chuckling a little. “I’m making you cringe now? Well, I’ll go further then.” He paused, looking into my eyes for a moment. “I’m gonna say something stupid. I’m so happy. That we’re both alive under the same sky.”

My heart felt as though it was flying away as he continued. “Sometimes I get scared. Because I love you so much…I get scared that you’ll just disappear some day. I’m serious. Isn’t this stupid? Falling in love really is scary.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, though I almost felt like bursting into tears, my heart so full of love, but he just pulled me closer, resting his head against my chest.

He could probably hear just how frantically my heart was beating, but he just kept talking. “Don’t ever leave me. If you do, I’ll miss you forever. I won’t be able to do anything. I’m going to quite being a vet and go to the riverside to sob.”

“Thank you for this gift.” He adjusted his glasses, “But you don’t have to do anything. Just stay by my side. I’ll protect you forever. It’s my duty in life…to make you happy and love you.”

“Oh, Yoosung…please stop, I’m going to cry. I feel like a teenager.” I felt the tears pushing to the surface, but tried to hold them back. Was I just extra emotional because of the baby?

“What you want me to stop? Don’t turn my love into some teenage crush.” He shook his head, letting me go. “So…for tonight’s dinner. I said I was going to cook. Have you gone grocery shopping?”

“Oh, Yoosung, I’m so sorry…I forgot to go to the grocery store. I went somewhere else instead…” Was this when I should tell him. I reached to retrieve the photo from my purse but he interrupted my train of thought.

“Don’t worry about that. I was thinking, since we don’t have any patients, let’s go out to eat! If you don’t like the reason for the occasion, then how about since you bought me a new pair of glasses?” He was rambling cutely while he started to put his patient records away. “We should still eat out at least once a week. We can go somewhere nice. I don’t like always eating at home. Will you go out to eat with your husband.”

His sweet rambling gave me an idea. “Yes, we should go out, the baby wants KBC.”

His brows furrowed as he looked at me. “Huh…you never call me a baby. That’s not good. We should have a baby fast. That way I can prove that I’m not a baby. We can go somewhere better than KBC.”

“But baby Yoosung wants KBC.” I giggled a little, fishing out the photo but not showing him yet.

He got up from the chair and gave me a very serious look, confusion also clear on his face. “What is going on? I wasn’t wanting to go to KBC.” He paused, feeling my forehead for fever. “You never call me a baby, are you alright? You’ve been feeling sick almost every morning…”

I finally showed him the photo, holding it up in his face. “Know why I haven’t come to the hospital in two days?”

He took the photo, barely glancing at it in favor of checking me over, frowning, “No, why?”

“Baby Yoosung.” I smiled widely at him.

“I’m not a baby. What is going on?”

He was starting to get really flustered now. How could I get him to understand without outright saying it? “Um…ready to level up into papa Yoosung?”

“What?” He stared at me for a few seconds as the realization slowly hit him. He held the photo tightly looking at the ultrasound of our baby, just a few weeks old. “I’m…what?” His face started to get redder and redder, even the tips of his ears turned red. “R-really? You’re pr-p-pregnant?!”

I just nodded. My heart really was going to fly out of my chest. He looked so shocked and happy. His reaction was even better than I had expected.

He grabbed me tight, kissing my face over and over, “I’m going to be a papa!” Suddenly he stopped, holding me slightly away from him. “Are you alright? Feeling okay? The baby is healthy?”

“Yes, yes, everything is fine.” I smiled up at him. “You don’t have to worry about us.”

“Us…” He whispered the word, his eyes started to get teary…”Wow…”


Yoosung was quiet at KBC, ordering our items with a slightly choked voice.

“Hey, are you alright?” The server was a sweet young teen, and looked at me, “Is he okay? He looks like he is going to cry.”

“Well…I’ve just told him he is going to be a father…I guess he’s a little shocked at the moment.” I laughed a little, trying to dispel the atmosphere of worry surrounding us.

“Is that so?” She turned to the back shouting to the other employees, “Hey, guys, this guy is going to be a father!”

A round of ecstatic congratulations filled the little building. Yoosung finally let his tears fall, grabbing me and holding me tight. “I’m sorry to act like this, MC. I’m just so happy.”

I held him back, letting him cry into my shoulder. We stood like this for a little while, as the restaurant got quiet again. He pulled away to look into my eyes.

“I love you, honey.”

“I know, I love you too.”


Yoosung stretched before pulling off his shirt and tossing it on the floor. “I just realized that I haven’t asked much about the baby yet. So…how far along are you?”

“Just about 6 weeks.” I opened my laptop as I sat on our bed. “The doctor wants to see me in a month and then we can listen to the heartbeat together.”

He froze once more, looking at me with that same awe as earlier. “We’re really having a baby.”

“That’s right. Our Christmas wish came true.” I smiled at him, gently patting my stomach. I was amazed, too. This was going to change our lives completely.

“When should we tell the others?” I was typing on my laptop as Yoosung changed into his LOLOL boxers for bedtime. I may have been peeking at him over the top of my screen. I would never get tired of looking at him, just like I would always love him.

I felt myself getting a little heated, my heart rate increasing. I gulped, looking back to my screen. The extra hormones were sneaking up on me.

He noticed the look on my face and crawled into bed, taking my laptop from me and placing it on the table, his face full of worry. “Are you alright? You don’t look well.”

“Yep! Just fine.” I was essentially squeaking at him in response, my face immediately flushing with red.

He just raised his eyebrow at me. “If you say so.” He gently checked my forehead for fever, but didn’t feel any. Yoosung slid his hand just under my shirt to spread his fingers over y stomach, his voice was almost dream-like. “Our baby is right here.”

His close proximity and touch wasn’t helping me any. “Y-yes…”

“Are you sure you’re feeling well?” The note of concern in his voice made my heart melt.

“Yes, I’m really fine…You’re just…really close and…” I looked up at the ceiling. My face was completely red. He gently stroked my stomach with his long fingers.

“Oh? Is that what’s going on?” He murmured almost darkly. I looked at him now, his violet eyes slowly turning darker. “Are you perhaps, a little hormonal?” Yoosung was enjoying this a little too much.

“I might be.” I bit my lip hard. My heart was racing so much I thought it would pop out of my chest. “Please…if you’re not going to do anything, I’d appreciate it if you stopped touching me for just a few minutes.”

“And, if I want to do something?” His other hand curled around the nape of my neck as he bent to kiss me, his lips just a centimeter away from mine.

“Then please don’t tease me.” I knew I was whimpering, but my body already felt like it was on fire from so little contact.

He didn’t waste any time, kissing me deeply and filling my mouth with the taste of honey as his tongue swirled with mine. He pulled my shirt over my head, bending his to kiss down my chest, as he undid my bra and tossed it to the side. He seemed to need me just as much as I needed him.

“Tell me if I’m being too rough…” He whispered against my chest, looking up at me with those dark violet eyes. All I could do was nod.

He nipped and kissed my breasts leisurely then, almost as though he had realized how fast he had been going. His mouth was torturing me, as he held my hips down with his hands.

I had to close my eyes. Watching him was just…too much. As I did so, he turned his attention to the hard peaks of my breasts, his tongue swirling over them each in kind, making me moan and grip onto his hair as he teased them one after the other with his teeth.

“Yoosung…you are still teasing me…” My entire body was burning up, his probably was too, but he just kept teasing me.

“My apologies.” He smiled at me as I opened my eyes. “Should I just…stop?” He sat up onto his heels, removing his touch from me completely. This only made me squirm for him.

“No…please. I can’t…I’m on fire.” He liked hearing what he did to me, how he made me feel.

Yoosung smirked and slid his hands up my skirt, slowly pulling away my underwear. The knuckles of his fingers were grazing my thighs and legs as he dragged the offending garment away, leaving a trail of burning heat.


His gaze filled with a mixture of love, heat, and desire all in one as he looked at me. Slowly, he bent his head to kiss my stomach, nuzzling there for just a moment. “We don’t want to hurt the baby.” He mumbled and took my hand, laying down and pulling me up onto his lap. “You should be in control tonight.”

My heart was pounding, but I ignored it, bending to kiss him before pulling his boxers off him. I needed to quench the fire that was burning me from the inside out, bury him deep, feel him in every way, but I managed to keep my actions slow like his had been, making him the one to moan.

“MC…” His moans were softer than mine, almost reverent, even as his hardness sprang up, clearly throbbing, he was calm.

I positioned myself over him, carefully grinding against him rather than letting him inside. He gritted his teeth a little, looking me right in the eyes rather than closing them like I always did.

By torturing him, I was torturing myself, building my own fire even higher. I couldn’t play with him the way he played with me. Frustrated,  I pushed him in deep, wanting to feel some form of relief, but instead of relief the fire raged higher.

I closed my eyes, leaning my head back a little as I felt the flames rushing through every fiber of my being. I could feel his hands tightening on my hips as he throbbed inside me, but he didn’t move. He really was letting me control everything, letting me torture him for once instead of torturing himself through me. It was…exhilarating.

When I finally started to move, I bent my lips to his, needing the sweet taste of honey he always gave me to center myself. I was slow, a little unsure as he was usually the one to move me, even in this position, but each motion still sent shocks of electricity through our bloodstreams as pleasure blinded our minds.

He kept one hand tight on my hip at all times, but the other explored. He dug his fingers into my hair, deepening our kiss even as we moaned into each others mouths, the heat burning inside us was unrelenting.

I moved faster, breaking away from his kiss as even my lungs burned. He slid his hand slowly down my back, his look was darker than ever, fueling my need for release further.

I didn’t want to look away. I bit my lip as I felt the electricity in my body building up. He tightened his hand on my hip, clearly feeling the same. We found release simultaneously, lightning rushing through our bloodstreams as we called out each others names. I pressed my hand onto his chest, trying to remain upright as the pleasure tore through my body.

When is was over Yoosung carefully helped me to lay down next to him. He kissed me gently, his fingers once more finding my stomach and spreading over the life that was growing within, over our baby.

He kissed my forehead gently. “I love you so much.”

I pressed myself up onto my arm with my hand on his chest. “So, when are we going to tell the rest of the RFA?”

“Hm…if we tell them too soon, they might force you to skip the RFA party. So let’s announce it at the next party after my surgery recovery next month.” He looked me over, “As long as you think you can still do the party. I don’t want you overexerting yourself.”

“I will be fine.” His worry made me feel so protected. “I love you, too.”

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | A Christmas Wish

“Could you not?” Saeran was grimacing as we pulled away.

“Sorry…” I mumbled. Yoosung fit his fingers in with mine.

“Just doing as the mistletoe commands?” Yoosung replied, pulling a piece of mistletoe from the ceiling above my chair.

-By reading the following work containing NSFW scenes, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to view explicit content and absolve FanfictionConnection and its admins of any legal ramifications.-

I finished hanging the last piece of Christmas decorations around our home. At first, I had been nervous about decorating, because of Lisa, but after we had put the tree up, she had completely ignored it. The others would be coming over soon, so Yoosung had taken Lisa to stay at his office in the animal hospital, to keep from disturbing Zen’s allergies.

The door opened just as I got off the chair I had been using to reach the ceiling. Yoosung smiled happily, his breath steaming just a little in the cold air as he brushed snow from his shoulders. “It’s just as beautiful in here as it is out there.”

“Thank you.” I smiled, placing the chair back around our new dining room table. We’d really only bought it for this dinner, but I rather liked it. I had already set the places for Yoosung’s family and the RFA.

“Have you seen the messenger?” I asked.

“Yup.” He closed the door, removing his jacket and shoes, “Everyone is already on their way.”

“That’s wonderful.” I hopped over to him and gleefully threw my arms around him, “How long do we have to cuddle until then?”

He laughed, “We’re coming up on our two year wedding anniversary and you still want to cuddle? I’m honored.” He took my hands away from his waist so that he could turn around. “That’s not good…You have some cuts from the Christmas tree.” Yoosung murmured, kissing each of my fingers gently.

I blushed, “Don’t worry, they’re nothing. Of course I still want to cuddle you. It may be almost four years since we met, but there is no one in this world I love as much as you.” I smiled up at him and just a touch of pink appeared on his cheeks.

“You honor me.” He bent his lips to mine. No matter how often we kissed, his gentle lips would always make my heart leap. As he pulled away he stroked a little of my hair behind my ears. “I am so happy here with you.” His face grew a little serious, “You’re happy too?”

“Of course.” I hugged him tightly, “I can’t imagine a happier life…except maybe if we had a baby.”

I could hear him gulp as he pulled away from me to look into my eyes, “What was that?” He seemed almost frightened, the color drained from his face. Yoosung had told me once that he wanted children, but every time I mentioned having a baby he always had the same reaction.

“I’m happy with just you, Lisa, and I living here…I just think it would be nice. That’s all.” I poked his nose gently. I looked down at the floor for a moment, biting my lip and thinking. For months I had been dropping hints that I wanted to have a baby.

Every time I saw one with their parents on the street I would show him…but I couldn’t understand why he seemed so afraid. I needed to know the truth, so we could stop dancing in limbo. “Yoosung…Do you not want to have children anymore?”

He opened his mouth as though he was about to answer but then the doorbell rang and I could hear a shout from outside.

“Let us in, it’s cold!” Seven’s voice was easily distinguished. “Jumin wouldn’t let me message you from the car to open the door.” He huffed.

Yoosung opened the door quickly, he almost seemed relieved that he didn’t have to answer me. I could already feel my holiday spirit sinking a little.

“It’s simply not appropriate to do that.” Jumin frowned at Seven just as Yoosung opened the door.

“Come in, everyone. I believe we already have hot cocoa ready.”

Even Saeran’s eyes lit up at the mention of hot cocoa. He really seemed to love sweets, though his favorite was always ice cream. V gave Yoosung and I a hug as he entered, “Thank you for having me over tonight.”

“Well, we couldn’t let you sit at home by yourself like you did that first Christmas after we met.” I smiled, more warmly than I felt. Yoosung seemed to be a little stiff too when I glanced at him. I wondered if he really didn’t want children that much, perhaps I shouldn’t even bother to pry.

Jaehee was hidden behind a large stack of presents as Zen tried to take some from her so that she could see, “I can’t believe the trust fund kid made you carry these from the car all by yourself. You should have told me there were presents in the car.”

As soon as Jeahee’s face became visible I could see the obvious blush at Zen’s kindness, “It is nothing, just another part of my extra job duties. Where would you like us to put these, MC and Yoosung?”

“Just under the tree would be perfect.” I took a few more gifts out of Jaehee’s stack before leading them over to the tree.

Just as Yoosung was about to close the door, a hand grabbed the edge and pushed it open. “Don’t you dare close the door on me, brother!” Siriu’s laughing face appeared in the doorway, my in-laws were following not far behind.

“I see your house is decorated in traditional fashion.” His father nodded approvingly.

“Where is my darling daughter-in-law?” His mother looked around the room and upon seeing me held her arms out for a hug. I made my way over quickly. We had become the best of friends ever since the wedding. She seemed to have accepted me as the best possible caretaker for Yoosung.

“Is Saeran here?” Siriu whispered in my ear, as she hugged me and peered over my shoulder.

“He should be by the hot cocoa.” I smiled and then whispered back in her ear, “I think someone has a little crush.”

“Not at all!” Her face turned a deep shade of red, “I just think he needs a little feminine care since he stays with Seven so much.”

“I am plenty feminine.” Seven mused, puffing out his cheeks and pointing at her accusingly with his cocoa spoon. This made the room bust out in laughter.

Yoosung got to work putting the food on the table, honey glazed ham, pork ribs, mashed potatoes, and various vegetables and side dishes soon covered the table along with the place settings. “Shall we eat then?”

We sat next to each other and across from Siriu and Saeran. Siriu chatted happily with Saeran, who for the most part only responded politely, though she occasionally made him blush almost the same color as his hair which had grown out completely since his rescue from teh Mint Eye. He seemed slightly uncomfortable whenever he spoke with women, but Siriu seemed to put him at ease for the most part.

“Talk to the girl more.” I heard Seven whisper to his brother as he winked over at Siriu, “She’s cute.” If Saeran’s eyes could kill, Seven would most definitely have been dead.

Seven immediately turned to his other side and started talking happily with Jumin, who for the most part ignored his whimsies.

“I wanted to build my own space station, but I don’t have the money.” Seven went on, “So I thought I’d hit up the local millionaire.”

“I am not interested in space stations.” Jumin nearly rolled his eyes, but Seven just kept going.

“What if I let you be the first to come for a ride to the moon?” He offered excitedly.

Jaehee sat next to Jumin, clearly praying that Jumin wouldn’t agree to such nonsense and put more work on her plate. Zen was across from her, shaking his head as well. He turned to V.

“Don’t you think Seven is getting a little out of control.”

“No more than usual.” V smiled, clearly amused by the exchange happening between his childhood friend and the over eager redhead. “What do you think, Yoosung, he’s your best friend. Where’s he at on the crazy scale today?”

Yoosung had clearly been lost in his thoughts as he picked at his potatoes. V’s question had him shaking his head as he came back to reality. “Huh? Oh, well…I don’t think Seven ever really fit on the scale.” He laughed a little.

I was lost in thought as well. Yoosung had barely looked at me since I had asked him about children. I poked at my slice of ham. Would I be able to accept a life without children? If it was for Yoosung…then.

“Is there something wrong?” Yoosung’s mother whispered to me. Her husband was happily eating his food, enjoying his son’s and my cooking and completely tuning out the conversations of those around him.

I smiled a little at her and shook my head. “No, no, just tired after all the preparations.”

She raised an eyebrow at me, her violet eyes seemed like they were looking right through me and she nodded. “I see. Well, tell my son I want at least one grandchild.” She spoke loudly enough for the rest of the table to hear.

“Wait, you’re finally pregnant?!” Siriu nearly jumped up from the table as she clapped her hands. There were similar expressions on the others on the table. Except Yoosung and I who threw up our hands, we were both shaking our heads, “No, no, not at all.” We spoke in unison.

“That’s disappointing.” Yoosung’s father grumbled and went back to eating his food.

“Aw, but I wanna be an uncle.” Seven pouted, leaning his chin on his hand. “I was so excited.”

Saeran just rolled his eyes. Jaehee pushed her glasses back up onto her nose and Zen breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank God, I was starting to feel older again.”

“You are older.” Jumin really did roll his eyes this time. He wiped the edge of his mouth with his napkin nonchalantly. “Perhaps Yoosung and MC do not want to have children.”

“I…um…” I looked down at my hands, picking at them, feeling heat rising in my cheeks quickly.

“It’s not that…it’s just…” Yoosung’s voice shocked me a little. So he did want children?

Yoosung looked at me, biting his lower lip, “I…We just have our reasons, that’s all.”

V furrowed his brows, “It’s not that you can’t have children?”

“As far as I know, we can…” I shook my head.

“Then what?” Siriu leaned forward, looking each of us over her eyes searching for clues.

“Just not now, alright.” Yoosung massaged his temples with one hand, grabbing my hand with the other just as I started to pick more at my fingers. He hated when I did that. I knew he was just stopping me, but the heat of his hand still comforted me in this awkward moment.

“Right, well.” V stood up. “Let’s not talk about this any longer, then. Are we ready to open our gifts?”

As the others gathered around the tree, I stood up to follow, but Yoosung grabbed my hand and held me back. His eyes seemed sad and I furrowed my brows. “Yoosung?”

He pulled me tightly against him, nuzzling his face into my hair. “I love you, MC. I’m sorry.”

I didn’t pry. He was clearly dealing with something, and even though I wish I could understand, that he would tell me, I just nodded my head and hugged him back. “It’s alright.” I smiled up at him, “You can tell me when you’re ready.”

He kissed me deeply, blush rose darkly in my cheeks as I thought of the others being able to see, but he didn’t stop. My skin was starting to grow hot when a voice called out.

“Could you not?” Saeran was grimacing as we pulled away.

“Sorry…” I mumbled. Yoosung fit his fingers in with mine.

“Just doing as the mistletoe commands?” Yoosung replied, pulling a piece of mistletoe from the ceiling above my chair.

“Hey,” Zen laughed, “Doesn’t that mean we all have to kiss MC?”

Yoosung tightened his hand around mine, “Excuse me? You want to kiss my wife?” I knew his pale eye must be twitching.

“He’s just kidding,” I forced myself to laugh and tugged Yoosung to the presents to take his mind off Zen’s comment. It seemed to work. Yoosung sat with me between his legs and wrapped his arms around me as we watched everyone unwrap their gifts.

We had each given each other a collective gift, deciding on the presents through conference calls arranged by Jaehee.

V was astounded at the quality of the new lens, “This is simply too much.” He shook his head, “I can’t take this.”

“It was nothing,” Jumin shrugged, “We all put a little money towards it.”

“I…don’t think that’s the model we chose.” Jaehee frowned a little as she thought.

“I covered the difference.” Jumin stated it simply, just another matter of fact. Zen glared at him.

Jaehee unwrapped her new “Behind the Scenes with Zen” interview DVD that hadn’t been released yet. She was over the moon. Zen was the next to unwrap his present and it turned out to be a new piece of workout equipment he had mentioned in the chat. He thanked us all, even Jumin.

Jumin was a little surprised by his gift. It had been my idea, a special spa night for two at a massage parlor in town that also catered to animals. “I only wish Elizabeth the 3rd could have been here to accept this gift as well.”

Saeran was probably the most excited by his gift. We had gotten him a year’s supply of ice cream from a nearby ice cream shop. Siriu giggled as she unwrapped the large plush toy she had asked for in the shape of an espresso cup. Seven’s gift card for premium gas got him all excited too. He jumped up and down. “My babies will be so happyyyyy!”

Yoosung opened a new limited edition LOLOL package code after I opened my gift, which turned out to be fuzzy slippers and pajamas. “My favorite.” I snuggled them to my face immediately much to Yoosung’s satisfaction.

“I told them you’d like it. They all thought it was too simple.” He kissed my other cheek.

His parents were equally satisfied with their gifts of vouchers to a fancy restaurant for each of them. “Perhaps we should go on a double-date then and have another family chat.” Yoosung’s mother gave him a look and he turned bright red.

“Right…” He mumbled.

By the end of the night, everyone had had a fantastic time. We said goodbye at the door and Yoosung hopped out to get Lisa from his office as I cleaned up some of the dishes. When he came back, he placed Lisa on the ground and she sprinted to the couch, falling asleep just as quickly.

For a little while, Yoosung watched me doing the dishes in silence. I just continued doing what I was doing. He stepped up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, so I turned off the faucet.

“I’m sorry if you’ve been feeling pressured.” I put my hand on his shoulder and he moved my hair away from my neck nuzzling me. He softly nibbled at my ear lobe. I began to feel hot, turning in his arms.

“What are you doing?” I bit at my lip, holding him a little away from me.

He smiled and kissed me softly, lingering just a little too long. I could feel my heart beating far too quickly.

“I want to have a baby with you, MC.” He stroked my cheek and it felt as though my heart had stopped completely. My face was on fire.


He put his finger to my lips. “No buts.” His smile had a slight hint of smirking to it, before he took a deep breath and told me what had been on his mind. “This whole time…I was always called the baby. The one who’d never had a girlfriend. I honestly thought I never would.”

He paused, taking another breath. “You are the only person I’ve ever met who didn’t call me a baby the first time you met me. You loved me and have opened up my whole world. It’s been the best time of my life. But, I’ve been afraid to have a child with you because…”

“Because?” I tiled my head a little, gently stroking his cheek which he leaned into my hand.

“Because I almost felt like I was faking it. I’ve been a baby this whole time playing at being an adult. I’m still the youngest member of the RFA, even you are a little older than me. I don’t know, I just couldn’t shake the feeling of being a pretender.”

He looked so sad that it crushed my heart. I pulled him tightly into my arms. “You are no baby, Yoosung. You have always been a man. It may have taken you some time to grow up, but you have proved it to me at every opportunity. The mission you went on with Seven, our life together, your early graduation, and now your work as a doctor. You are most definitely a man. You just happen to be a cute one.” I smiled up at him.

“Is that really how you feel?” He seemed a little shocked at my words.

“Of course it is, husband.” I kissed him without holding back, wanting him to know the intensity of my feelings. He melted into my arms, trying to do the same for me.

When he finally pulled away from me he stroked back my hair, murmuring softly in my ear. “My Christmas wish, is to have a baby with you.”

There was no mistaking that my heart was doing back-flips. “That’s my Christmas wish, too.”

Without another word, he picked me up into his arms, kissing me once more. As I wrapped my arms around him, I remember feeling so happy that I could cry, just as I had felt at our wedding. He would always make me feel this way.

“Where are we going?” I nuzzled into his neck, nibbling gently under his chin. “Usually, you would just do as you please.”

“I know…but somehow it just doesn’t feel right. A baby should come out of love, not pure lust.” He smiled at me, but his violet eyes were still the same darker shade they turned when I knew he wanted me. He was starting to heat up as well, I knew that from his dark look.

“You are amazing, Yoosung.” I kissed him as he laid me down on the bed. He bit at my lower lip, sending a shock of heat through my bloodstream. He slid his hand up under my sweater, his fingertips teasing along the edge of my bra, making me inhale sharply.

“Well, just because I’m going to be loving, doesn’t mean I won’t tease you to hear those cute sounds.” He was smirking, the look in his eyes getting even hungrier. He pulled my shirt up over my head and replaced his fingertips with his tongue and teeth, taking his time as he took off my bra. He bit down just enough to leave a little pink mark and was rewarded by a soft moan.

“See what I mean?” His hands slid down my sides, tracing my curves as he lapped and nipped at the tight peaks his bite had created, each time sending a fresh wave of heat through me.

“Yoosung…that’s just mean.” I whimpered as he pressed his body between my thighs, grinding his hardness against my most sensitive area, making me moan even more. Despite what everyone had once thought, he was no weakling. He was confident when it came to me.

“Please…” I pressed up against him in return, the burning was starting to become unbearable. I was certain that any second, I would be consumed by the flames licking at my skin.

“Not yet.” He whispered against my lips, pulling off his own shirt and undoing his belt. Carefully placing his glasses on the side table. “I want to enjoy you like this a little while longer.” He slowly removed my skirt, not breaking eye contact for even a moment. After tossing the fabric to the side he pressed his hand against my underwear.

“You’re already this wet?” He raised an eyebrow, smirking once more. “Do you want me this badly?”

At his question it felt as though my entire body was turning red with blush. “Yes, Yoosung, please.”

He finally stripped away his pants. Yoosung grabbed the small green square from a pocket and looked at it for a moment before tossing it to the side. “Force of habit.” He laughed.

I felt nervous. In our almost four year relationship, we had always used a condom. I bit at my lip, my heart beating so fast and loud I was sure that he could hear it. We were really going to try to have a baby. I was a little frightened, but I was also excited. I wanted him, and I wanted this.

Yoosung tugged my underwear away and positioned himself over me, giving me a deep kiss and filling my mouth with his hot honey taste as his tongue teased and danced around mine. “Are you ready?” He broke away, looking deep into my eyes. I bit my lip.

“Yes…Are you?” He had been so unsure for so long, I couldn’t possibly be the only one that was nervous. Yoosung was blushing, too. He smiled, a nervous twitch in the corner of his mouth. “I will always be ready for an adventure with you.”

He was slow, pressing every inch of himself into my hot sheath. I groaned, pressing my head back into the pillow. It’s not that this sensation was new, but somehow, it felt different this time. Was it because I was so excited? It didn’t matter. He started to move and nothing mattered.

With each thrust, he kissed along my neck. I could feel every ounce of his love for me as he held my hands down onto the bed, his fingers locked with mine.

“Yoosung…” I moaned his name. Somehow the electricity streaming through my veins seemed more intense, even though he was moving slowly, taking his time to feel every inch.

“MC.” He whispered my name against my lips followed by his own soft moan. I lifted my lips to his, connecting us even more. Our individual fires were consuming us, a slow burn accented with the quick shock of each each motion he made. I could feel my muscles tightening around him, sending even more flames through both of us.

It felt as though I was standing of the edge of a cliff, but I just couldn’t quite get over that edge. I needed to, my body was burning so badly, my muscles so tight that I thought I was going to truly burst into flames.

“Yoosung…please…I’m so close.” He just kissed me again, silencing me with his gentle lips and tongue. I moaned into his mouth each time he moved. I felt like my heart was going to explode.

His moans filled my mouth as well, his body hot and heavy with the need for release. “Please…faster, Yoosung…” My mind was going numb from the pressure of the pleasure beating through my every cell.

He simply shook his head, “I want this slow…I want you hungry for my love…the way I’m hungry for yours right now.” He pressed his forehead gently against mine, “I want to fill you with my love…so you can feel it forever.”

As he spoke those words, the fire ripped through my body, finally pushing me over the edge of the precipice. I gripped his hands tightly, clamping my teeth down on the cry that was trying to escape my throat, “Yoosung…” His name was the only thing on my mind.

I felt him reach his own release as he pushed into me, my body clamping tightly around him as his heat filled me. “MC…” His voice nearly broke as he called out my name, clutching my hands like I was clutching his.

For a few precious moments, we stayed still. Each of us panting to try to catch our breath. He slowly raised his head to look into my eyes. “I love you.” He kissed me once more, the hunger gone, but still pouring his heart and soul into me. When he finally stopped, I gasped out my breath. My chest was still heaving.

Yoosung pulled away from me. He rolled onto his side and pulled me close. I didn’t fight him, I don’t think I had the energy to anyway. “I love you, too.”

I snuggled into his chest as he slid his hand from my hip to my stomach, spreading his hand wide over my bellybutton. “This is where our baby will be.” His voice was filled with wonder, turning my face red all over again.

“D-don’t get too ahead of yourself.” I stuttered a little, flustered by the comment, “We don’t know how long it will take.”

“You’re right.” He smiled and kissed the top of my head.

I looked up at him, the love he had for me was so clear from the look in his eyes. My heart was going to give out if he kept this up, and I would almost certainly have a heart attack if he kept saying things like that.

He nuzzled my nose before he suddenly jumped up in bed.

“What is it?” I furrowed my brows, a little worried about his sudden change in behavior.

“I have another gift for you. Just wait here!” He hopped out of the room and quickly returned with a sleeping Lisa in his arms.

“Yoosung…I’m pretty sure you can’t gift me the cat we already own together.” I joked and he shook his head.

“It’s not Lisa, it’s her new collar tag.” He handed her to me and I checked her collar. True enough, there was a new tag there shaped like a Christmas ornament. I read it aloud, “I love you Mrs. Kim! Love, Yoosung”

He smiled at me, blushing a little. Yoosung would always be the cutest man on the planet.

“That is adorable.” I smiled up at him. “I love you too.”

“You better.” He laughed and kissed my head. “Now…weren’t we supposed to cuddle earlier?” He placed Lisa at the foot of the bed and got back under the covers wrapping me up in his arms. He held me tightly as we both fell asleep, the snow outside kept falling, but we were nice and warm in each others arms.

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Mystic Messenger Fanfiction | Animal Party

I hadn’t expected so much applause, but it filled the room. So many people had come, so many people willing to give, and Yoosung’s dream becoming a reality. I started to tear up as we left the podium, and Yoosung took my face in his hands.

“Honey, are you alright?” Yoosung appeared in the doorway, his headset still on and brows furrowed.

“Yeah,” I sat back on my haunches, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand before flushing the toilet. “I’m just not feeling well.”

“Are you going to be alright for the party this week? You’re the one who suggested to Jumin we should have it at the animal hospital opening.” He gently helped me onto my feet, “Granted, Zen wasn’t into the idea until we promised no animals would be present and there’s no fur in there since it’s only just opening.”

I leaned into his arms, sighing happily. Somehow, being in his arms made the nausea a little more bearable. He helped me to the bed before getting a weird look on his face. “What’s wrong?” I felt a chill and pulled the blankets over myself.

“You don’t think you could be…you know…” He looked like he was going to be sick, too.

“I know?” At first I couldn’t understand, it was almost starting to give me a headache. I shook my head vigorously, “Oh, no, Yoosung, no. This is definitely just the flu…”

“Yeah?” He seemed relieved, I would have been too, we only just got married after all and were starting our work with a brand new animal hospital. It simply wasn’t the time.

“Yeah. I’m sure.” I smiled at him, “And don’t worry…just give me a day or two and I’ll be good to go for the party. Just bring me today’s paperwork in here?”

“Absolutely not.” He stood, “Today, you’re not spending time with anyone or anything but me. I’m logging out of LOLOL, and then I’ll bring some soup.”

“You’re too sweet.”

“Not nearly as sweet as you…I just wish I could kiss your flu away.” He leaned over the bed and kissed my forehead. “I love you, precious wife.”


“I feel like sneezing just thinking about the animals that will be in here soon.” Zen shivered and Jaehee handed him a tissue.

“Here, we don’t want a repeat of the party before last.” She was blushing a little.

“Thank you!” Zen exclaimed, tucking the tissue in his pocket, “Never know when I’ll need it.” He winked, and I thought Jaehee was going to die.

“How many guests will be in attendance, MC?” Jumin asked, crossing his arms at what he considered the nonsense of the other two.

“I have a total of one-hundred and twenty-four on the guest list.” I tapped my clipboard, “And we decided I will be giving the speech?”

“Well, I did it last time…so it’s only fair?” Yoosung scratched the back of his head. I liked the outfit he’d chosen, as he was debuting as a vet for the first time. A simple red shirt, dark pants, and his lab coat. He looked simply delicious. I zoned out a little but Seven’s voice brought me out of my thoughts.

“Maybe the newest member should introduce himself to the crowd.” He gave his brother’s back a hard pat that almost sent him falling on his face. His hair was almost completely red now, just the tips were still a white with pink tint.

“How about, I kill you instead.” Saeran hissed, turning to his brother with an almost derange look in his eyes that made Yoosung visibly tense up. Saeran then cracked a smile releasing the tension, “Well…maybe not.” He looked down at the floor, “But I’m going to stay in the corner.

“Wow,” Seven gulped, “Sometimes you really scare me.”

“I think MC should do it.” V smiled, “She’s the reason we’ve been able to do the parties again, and the one who helped heal this organization.”

“I didn’t do much,” I held up my hands.

“Don’t be silly.” Zen put his hand on my shoulder, “You are the center of everything.”

“Um, Zen.” Yoosung was staring at Zen’s hand on my exposed shoulder, my dress was long, closed back this time, but even though my dress had long sleeves, they were somewhat off the shoulder. I had hoped to cover myself a little more to avoid Yoosung lighting the fire between us, but perhaps I should have been even more careful for his jealous streak.

Yoosung’s pale eye was starting to twitch. “Take your hand off my wife, pretty boy.” He was none too friendly in his statement. Zen jumped several feet away from me.

“Right, sorry, please don’t hurt my face!” He threw up his hands in apology.

“I like how you protect your lady.” Jumin smirked.

“I would have actually hit him.” Saeran played with his spike bracelet a little.

“I think the first few guests are starting to arrive.” V said, looking towards the door. I could hear it too, the cars driving into the parking lot and reporters starting to snap photographs. “I will go hang my images, the rest of you, mingle as usual, I suppose.” He laughed a little and took off towards the room we had assigned to the photograph auction.

“I need to go greet guests. You should come with me, Yoosung, for the publicity.” I took his hand and started walking towards the doors leading out toward the red carpet we had laid at the front of the hospital.

He tightened his hand on mine, pulling me to a stop. “I’m excited to see your magic in action.” His smile was so sweet, my heart melted instantly, remembering how he hadn’t been able to attend the last party with me and the speech he had given.

“I can’t wait either.” I smiled and pushed the doors open, greeting our first guests.

Yoosung and I welcomed each guest together. He never even left my side for a moment. It was tiring to greet such a large crowd. I almost thought we wouldn’t be able to fit them all into the hospital at first, but we managed, even with the photographers, reporters, and food and drink in the room, we managed. After greeting the last guest, Yoosung followed me up to the podium.

“We thank you for attending the RFA party. As you all know, I am MC Kim. The RFA was founded to bring together people across different organizations to raise money towards charitable causes. We welcome our returning guests as well as our new guests and ask that you take this evening to enjoy the company and the music, but also, that you give with your heart.”

“I would like to take a moment to speak about the cause for which we are raising money from this party. This is the grand opening Sally’s Memorial Animal Hospital, a nonprofit veterinary hospital that will be run by myself and staffed by my husband, Yoosung Kim, the youngest ever PHD Graduate in Korea, who graduated at the top of his class from Sky University. We thank you for your attendance and generous support. The photograph auction will begin in approximately two hours.”

I hadn’t expected so much applause, but it filled the room. So many people had come, so many people willing to give, and Yoosung’s dream becoming a reality. I started to tear up as we left the podium, and Yoosung took my face in his hands.

“What’s wrong? Your introduction was excellent.” He wiped my tears away gently and then tested my forehead for fever, “You’re not getting sick again, right?”

“No…I’m just so amazed.” I threw my arms around him, kissing him hard. At first, he was surprised, but he melted into me just as I always did to him. He held me close, only breaking away once we heard the flashes going off. “Oh…”

I blushed hard and he was too, but he just laced his fingers into mine, “That’s alright. I like the world knowing you belong to me. I hope Shio sees this from the prison infirmary.” His smirk was a little unsettling but I just shook my head and leaned into his side.

He turned to me, bowing slightly and kissing my hand, “I would like…to dance with you. Like I wasn’t able to do at the last party because of my eye…or on our first date because of Seven…or even our wedding…” His brows furrowed, “Wow…I’m a terrible husband.”

I laughed, “Not at all, every one of those moments were still special.” I tilted my head the way he always did.

“Then, precious, I will give you another special moment.” He smiled and did the same. Pulling me onto the designated dance area and then into his arms the way he had done when we’d started to dance at home.

It wasn’t ballroom dance, and it didn’t even look dignified. I could imagine Jumin shaking his head at us in the corner, but the warmth I could feel in his arms and the way he held me so close, was the only thing I would remember about dancing that night. I felt loved, and he did too.

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